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Pokemon Stories: The Master of Hallow

by CloudLine64

CloudLine64 #FlashChallenge Happy Halloween!
Shay the Shaymin lied down in the brown,tall,grass far away from Cloud's house.It was Hallow's Eve morning,and Shay stayed away as far as she could from her home with Cloud and the other pokemon.That's because Cloud's one and only Gengar,Hallow,would scare the ever living crap out of the other pokemon.Some would cry,like Shay would,some would laugh,be angered,or just plain didn't care.But whatever their response was,he would laugh uncontrollably to their surprised faces.
There was just one pokemon Shay stuck around with this time of the year,Darken.Darken was a Darkrai that scared Hallow more than Hallow scared him.When Darken walked by Shay and Hallow,Hallow whispered,
"There goes the King of Gloom.".
"Shayyyyyy......"a voice boomed all around her,
"Oh Shayyyyyyy......"It was like it mocked her
"TIME'S UP!!!"Hallow appeared in front of Shay with the scariest face she ever saw.While Shay screamed,Hallow closed his eyes and covered his ears with a big grin on his face.
Shay curled up into a ball and Hallow poked a pointy finger on her mossy back.She yelped and made an angry pouty face at Hallow.
"Funny,very funny,Hallow."
"Well at least I didn't be a pervert and poke your butt instead."Shay didn't say anything.Sure,Hallow was a jerk,but he wasn't a pervert,thank goodness.She walked back to the house with Hallow floating behind her.Hallow REALLY gave her the creeps,and she needed Darken,FAST.
Hallow thought of all the dastardly plans he could do to Shay,but one ruled over them all.When they got to their home,Hallow opened the door,smiling a big wide smile that looked a little TOO nice.
"Hallow,THIS nice,oh,puh-lease!He's got something up his sleeves,or shadows,rather.Just keep watch!"Shay noted herself.When she entered the house,it was different,there was no one,Hallow was gone too.She cautiously walked around,shaking just a bit,ready for something to jump out at her.Papers flew everywhere while windows and doors were open.One landed on her face and she pulled it down.
"Haunted Mansion in the Forest!Mysterious Ghosts of Pokemon!Sight Seeings of the Pokemon's Trainer!Not a Single One Alive!"the front articles read.Shay blankly stared at it,
"Everyone's....dead?!How-WHATTTTTT!!!!!!"her mind screamed.
"Okay Hallow,you can stop!This-this-this is n-not funny anymore!Please!"she surrendered.No one answered,
"Seems weird Shay,never again like the old times,huh?"Shay sharply turned around to see Cloud a light blue with her waist going into the wall.Shay panicked,
"Th-th-th-th-THE MASTER GHOST!!!!"she yelled into her mind.She screamed,Cloud got an annoyed look and started flying towards her.Shay bumped into the wall,Cloud reaching out her hands to grab her.Shay quickly ran under Cloud to her bedroom,she breathed when she got there.
"Shay!Shay!Shay!Where are you!I want to play with you!"Shay KNEW it was Twix the Sylveon,and Shay didn't feel in the mood to play right now.Twix walked through the door and looked around the room and then turned back to leave to see her playmate,Shay at the door,with a flabbergasted look.
"SHAY!I FOUND YOU!!!"Twix boomed,
"I thought I'd NEVER see you again!I mean I'm a ghost and since I can't tag you and I can cheat at hide and seek.And-and-"Twix quickly said things while walking towards Shay.
"-So I thought up the only option was to kill you and make YOU a ghost so we could play together again!So,what do you think?!"all Twix saw was an open door and no Shay.
"Okey-dokey!I'll seek you hide!1-2-3-4-5...."Shay ran as fast as she could to the front door.All of a sudden,it closed on her!Behind it was Hallow,he hovered above her with a wide,toothy,dark,smile on his face.
Shay trembled and slowly cowered backward,
"Oh Shayyyyyy........."Hallow's sing-song like voice called while he tilted his head a little.
"TIME'S UP AND YOUR DONE!!!!"he boomed through the air,ghost Cloud and ghost Twix crowded around and licked their lips.Shay closed her eyes and curled into a ball,the ghosts launched themselves on their cowering victim.
"Shay?Shay!SHAY!!!!!!!WAKE UP!!!!!!!"Twix yelled into Shay's ear.Shay's deep,dark,blue eyes viciously fluttered open.Cloud stood behind the now in shock and very scared Shaymin.
"Shay?Are you okay?You were screaming and curling up into your ball."Cloud explained.
Shay blushed a little at her embarrassment of her nightmare.HALLOW!!!Shay hopped down from her bed and stomped into Hallow's room.
"YOU D**K!!!YOU SCARED THE S**T OUT OF ME!!DON'T EVER EVER SCARE ME LIKE THAT AGAIN!!!!!!"Shay yelled and continued cursing and embarrassing Hallow.
Hallow looked at Cloud and mouthed the words,
"Help me" to her.Cloud shook her head and left with the other pokemon,Hallow smiled "sweetly" at the angry Shaymin.The rest of the day,Shay stayed at Hallow's door,guarding it like a dog,making sure Hallow didn't leave.