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The luck region chapter one: The birthday suprise

by Lucas bruns

Lucas bruns A kid who just turned 11 finally got permission from his father to go on a Pokémon adventure.
This is a short chapter of a story I wrote, the region is named after my YouTube name "lucky luke2503"
Today is a special day, A kid who goes by the name of "Luis" as just awoken on his Eleventh birthday at home, "Today is my birthday!" He said looking at window staring at the pikipek's flying around.
"I wish I could catch one of those.."
He was interrupted by a deep voice, "Son, Get down here and open some presents" His dad said, With a pushed out happy tone.
"Maybe one day if dad let's me.."
Luis said running down the stairs.
Once he got down there was only one box.
holding the box was a tall, Old man, He looked about 70 years of age but looked good in his smart grey suit and red and stripy tie.
"This here is this region's Pokémon professor."
Luis's dad said.
"Hm, You must me Luis, I have a gift from you and your father."
The Pokémon prof. said
"Open it up then."
His father said
Luis took the box and ripped the ribbon off with a strong pull, He then took of the lid.
"As you see there are three poke-balls, A pokedex and a bag."
The professor said.
"Son I was a bit harsh on you so I thought I will intrust you on a Pokémon adventure."
Luis's face burst up in happiness, "Yes!, My one dream as come true."
Luis's said picking up the bag and pokedex.
"Now then, Inside the first pokeball is the grass type Turtwig."
He said releasing the turtle like pokemon.
"Next we have the water type Mudkip"
He said releasing the blue cute creature
"Finally is the fire type lizard charmander."
He said throwing out the bulky lizard.
"The decision is yours!"
With a long look at each starter he finally came to a conclusion
"I choose...."

To be continued....