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OC doodles/drawings: The Lost Spirits

by NightRaven

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NightRaven Here are Raven's parents and brother. The title was given due to these three remaining unknown if they have been healed after the dog attack, like Midnight, or if they truly are dead. Raven is always on the search for her brother, father, and mother...but she still hasn't found them—yet.

Cinder (the first one)- Cinder, Raven's mother, is a dark gray she-cat with bright amber eyes and a scar over her left eye...just like Raven. The gray she-cat is rather friendly towards others, but she also has the heart of a warrior (See what I did there? Cinder was born in the forest and well, she trained as a warrior in ShadowClan under the name of Cinderflame.). She will fight until either her enemy gives up...or dies.

Arrow (the second one)- Arrow, Raven's father, is a black tom with dark gray stipes and a white arrow-shaped marking on his forehead and he has green eyes. He also trained as a warrior in ShadowClan, under the name of Swiftstripe. He, as seen in the rather crappy drawing of mine, has two blinding scars over his left eye. He, just like Cinder, will fight no matter how injured until the battle ends in either death or one giving up of which is always the enemy.

Shadow (The third one)- Shadow, Raven's brother, is a black tom with two longs scars across his nose and, when possessed by a Dark Forest spirit, blood-red eyes; when he isn't possessed, his eyes are amber. He usually is possessed by a Dark Forest spirit and is forced to attack Raven. Once, a powerful spirit had possessed him...the spirit of Tigerstar himself. He has killed Raven countless times during that horrid amount of time, but she finally fought Shadow one last time...and forced Tigerstar's spirit away and soon destroying the spirit. He also trained as a warrior in ShadowClan...under the name of Nightshadow.

Cinder, Arrow, and Shadow belong to @NightRaven
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  1. Bluefeather
    It's NOT! :)
    Dec 29, 2015
  2. NightRaven
    Thanks! (Apparently, I view my own art as horrid xD )
    Dec 27, 2015
  3. Bluefeather
    Arrow looks WICKED! Love the stripes! And no, it's not bad. It looks amazing.
    Dec 27, 2015
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