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The Lost Eevee

by LeafyEevee

LeafyEevee As Freespirit The Leafeon was protecting Chocolate the Eevee someone stole Chocolate!
I won't Leave you stolen Chocolate! But who would have stolen Chocolate? (Robbers view) (Robber 1) So. that bratty leafeon comes again. this eevee will burn the leafeon to ashes right? (Robber 2) Yeah. (Robber 3) Our boss will be happy to see leafeon gone to ashes! (All Robbers) Great! (Back to Freespirits view) Who would of stolen Chocolate? Oh yeah .........(Said under her breath) I have to find her immediately!
To Be Continued...
The hint is how many .'s are there? It is 1 hint to who stole Chocolate!
  1. Shauna23
    Make next part soon! This is so intense
    May 31, 2015