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The lonely Pichu: The lonely Pichu

by DirtySalamander

DirtySalamander Yo, this pichu is lonely, and he needs some friends. it takes place in the johto region, all over the region.
There one was a Pichu. This pichu was only hatched a couple weeks ago and it has explored so much. One day, it encountered a Hoothoot, the Pichu tried to make friends with it, but the Hoothoot just used whirlwind and flew away. The Pichu was sad and felt lonely as he saw the Hoothoot fly away. The Pichu soon got over it and walked to a place very lit with lights. He saw a sign that read "Violet City" and walked towards it. Then, the pichu encountered someone else, but this time, it was far from a Hoothoot. "Whoa, a Pichu! These things are like, super rare! Looks like i'm takin' home a Pichu. Go, Weepinbell!" "Weepin!" "Use, sleep powder!" "Weeeee!!" Then the Pichu felt sleepy all of a sudden. He then felt a cold rush of air and was sucked into the cold air.
-To be continued
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  1. DirtySalamander
    Well, that's the point. It's the definition of a lonely pichu. Also, a sneak peak or spoiler, the next chapter, the pichu gets traded to a person in olivine
    Oct 30, 2016
  2. Astralpunk
    I kinda feel bad for the Pichu. I mean, it just wants to have friends and it got captured instead.
    Oct 30, 2016
  3. DirtySalamander
    plz don't be mad if u think it's bad, this is my first day, I literally joined like an hour ago, so don't hate on me! If your a pichu fan out there and u read this, then don't be mad, be happy! :)
    Oct 30, 2016