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Demon Slayer Chronicles: The life of Ren.

by ThAtGuY101

ThAtGuY101 First of all; I should start off by saying that the 'Demon Slayer Chronicles' as I'm calling it is an assortment of stories involving characters from a RP titled 'Demon Slayer AU'. These stories involve the past two characters; A demon slayer named Dolan ,and a Demon named Ren. These stories are in no particular order ,and are purely written for fun. This first story is about how Ren, back when he was a human. Before he became a demon.
If your not familiar with who Ren is then here is his bio;
Morphed Demon
Name: Ren Arasaka
Personality: friendly, talkative, overconfident, unapologetic, respectful, and stoic.
Appearance: platinum blonde hair mostly combed back(shoulder length) with his bangs hanging messily above his eye brows, orange cat-like eyes, slightly tan skin 5'10 ft, 175 pounds, slightly muscular, scar on the right side of his jawline.
Outfit: Ren wears a dark green tunic, loose grey pants underneath, a red overcoat with various colores patches(several small yellow, orange, red patches ,and one large purple patch over his right shoulder) ,and dark brown leather boots with buckle straps.
Blood Demon Art: blood of harrowing - the user can create a mist of blood that causes intense physical pain to those who come in contact as well as mental pain if they breath it in. If the victim suffers enough mental stress they can hallucinate.
Techniques: immense speed, reflexes, strength, and regeneration.
Other: - since he is a morphed demon lacking a blade there is no blade color to put in all caps...
- Ren doesn't need to eat humans as sleep would suffice.
- he is a very skilled tai chi practitioner
Backstory: Ren Arasaka lived in a small fishing village. He always heard stories about demons but that was just it. They were stories to scare children so they wouldn't get lost or run into strangers. That's what Ren believed until one night he realized he left his locket his father gave him by the docks. Ren knew he would be angry so he left that night to get it. After he retrieved his locket he was attacked. As he was attacked a demon slayer killed the demon but was too late for Ren. He was so scared by the fighting he ran to an abandoned building and hid on the second floor. After the demon slayer tracked him down he held his sword at him and as he did he dropped his locket revealing a picture of him and his family. Luckily for Ren the man had felt sorry for him and talked with him for a while. The two became friends and the next day Ren left a note to his family along with a wooden carving of a wolf he loved and always carried. After that day Ren lived in the woods where the demon slayer would occasionally visit him.

A long time ago in a small fishing village lived a fairly average boy named Ren Arasaka. His father was a woodsman who chopped down trees in the forests near the village. His father helped supply the fishermen with lumber to build boats, piers, houses ,and everything else you would require wood. Ren's father was a kind ,but strict father. He demanded hard work out of his kids whom he had three.

All three of them were boys ,and Ren was the youngest. Being the youngest meant Ren was picked on a lot by his two older brothers. His older brothers were bigger, stronger ,but not smarter than Ren. Despite his intelligence over his siblings it didn't matter because he was still no match for them.

Ren's mother was a kind ,but demanding woman. She was always caring towards her children ,and never got angry at them. However she held high expectations. Rather than become infuriated with them she would instead become disappointed with them when they weren't able to meet her expectations.

Ren grew up with parents whom expected much of him ,and required him to grow up tough. His brothers didn't make it easy as they always were stronger than Ren thus showing him up at every available opportunity. This taught Ren that he needed to be strong. Ren needed to be able to excel if he wanted to get his parent's acceptance. If you want to get ahead in life you need to posses power ,and lots of it. Something Ren didn't have enough of.

Luck would strike Ren one day when walking down by the river a boy must have been careless as he was amidst the running rapids being swept quickly through the river currents. Ren knew this river like the back of his hand. A bout a mile down the river lead to a 50 ft. waterfall drop with rocks and all sorts of hard jagged stuff at the bottom. Ren could have either ignored the boy pretending like he didn't see him ,or jump in and attempt to save him.

With reluctance Ren chose to save the boy. He dived into the water ,and managed to pull the boy to safety. He managed to grab a large boulder ,and hold onto the boy as he attempted to get to dry land. It took some time for him to get out of the water as it was a struggle to get the scared boy out of the water. Later that day, the boy wasn't the only person to be grateful that day. The boy's parents also were more than grateful. His grandfather, a tai chi master was the most grateful. His grandfather was so grateful that he went out of his way to give young Ren a favor. This favor would involve teaching Ren martial arts passed down from family generations.

For the first year Ren only learned a few basic postures ,and spent most of his time cleaning the dojo ,and doing odd chores for the old man. Ren wasn't too keen about handling chores ,but he persisted ,and over time he became a dedicated student learning various martial arts for the next five years. Ren enjoyed using the tai chi for its many health benefits.

When Ren wasn't trying to please his family or practice martial arts, he was just an average boy. He had friends whom he hanged out with. These kids were common trouble makers. They picked fights in alleyways ,and as a result of this, Ren got more than his fair share in alley fighting. While he used tai chi for health and wellness, he learned to fight and hone his skills on the mean streets. His tai chi helped further his street fighting skills as his exercises kept him in good shape and great form. Ren was a force to be reckoned with ,and many people knew it. He obviously did this behind his parents backs as they would not approve of him partaking in such violent acts.

Street fighting wasn't the only problematic things Ren's friends gotten into as they would oftentimes steal alcohol from the local tavern. The tavern had a backroom where they stored all of their alcohol. The tavern never had anyone guarding the backroom ,and the workers were always in the front of the store either too busy dealing with thirsty sailors or were drunk themselves ,and just couldn't bother to deal with thieving kids. Ren and his friends would frequently steal alcohol ,and would get drunk out in a remote field. They would merely tell stories ,and talk about whatever came across their young minds. Sometimes they would talk about girls, fighting ,or the stuff that happened that day. On rare occasions they would talk about philosophy ,but most of the time they just talked about what they wanted to be or do when they grow up.

Ren had a lot of hardships to overcome; his family's expectations, his dedication to tai chi, his obligations to his friends. Ren knew he would need strength and willpower to be able to meet the needs of these things. So he worked hard to ensure he could be the person to do so. Ren became a fairly strong boy with a will of iron. His brothers were unable to pick on him as he was more than tough enough to take them both on by himself. His parents couldn't be more proud of him for all the hard work he did at home, at school ,and even helping his father move lumber from time to time. His father was so proud of Ren that he gave him a pendant that was given to him by his father before him. This pendant had ran through several generations. The pendant was special because it had several small pictures inside it. Each picture being several generations of Ren's family leading up to his own. Being given this pendant meant a lot to Ren ,and he carried it with him everywhere.

For a while Ren considering going into the family business. He would one day follow in his father's footsteps. Ren enjoyed going into the woods so much ,and being strong enough to help his father that he carved himself a small wolf out of a piece of wood. He loved the wolf because it was a powerful, strong ,and cunning animal. Ren liked the idea of being a proud lone wolf or the wolf leading a pack.

Ren continued to hang out with his troublesome friends. They were always up to no good ,but sense ren was smart he knew what to do or say to avoid getting into trouble. One day his friends had taken to hanging out by the docks. His friends were overconfident ,and would even try pick fights with some of the local sailors. Ren even managed to beat a couple sailors pretty badly in some fights. Ren never got into trouble for this because the sailors whom he beat were too ashamed to tell anyone they were beat up by a teenager.

One day Ren would accidentally leave his locket by the docks one fateful day. He would go home that afternoon ,and his day would be normal; a nice warm meal, average interactions with his family ,and finishing his chores for the day. He wouldn't realize his locket was still at the pier until that night. His father would have been furious had Ren told him. Ren was impatient ,and didn't want to take any chances so he headed down to the docks that fateful night.

(to be continued...)