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The Life of One - Chapter 1 - Starting up

by aZ3non

aZ3non You guys control the story, every thing that happens is your choice!
read and review please. Constructive criticism is Much Appreciated.
also my First Story!
Rated: T
It was August 31st, 2014. Today, over 300 trainers from all over the world would start they're Pokémon Journey. Out of these 300+ trainers, one stands out. This trainer's name is Zenon (zee-non), his name origin is unknown, but that's not what makes him stand out. Zenon was adopted by professor Juniper at the age of 3 and made friends with practically all the Pokémon in the lab, well... except the hostile ones. So news of his existence spread quickly, being professor Juniper's adopted son and all. Zenon Loved all Pokémon. His favourite Pokémon was Excadrill by far. In the lab, Zenon and Excadrill always played together, but outside of the lab he had a cold demeanor, why? his reasoning is as he states '' People don't usually approach other people who don't look inviting, and I like my privacy and individuality, however, those who approach me have a chance to become my friends''. Even though he said this, People still believe different. Like some believe that he had he had traumatic experience as a little kid, while some others believe he's trying to be cool.
Zenon was walking through the park trying to get to his mom's lab, after all, he started his Pokémon journey in 1 hour. However, the gods decided he needed a detour, crafty little shits...
as Zenon was running, with a small grin on his face, he tripped and fell down a small hill, right in to a someone fishing. As Zenon and the Fisherman got up, The fisherman slipped on the wet ground and flew right into Zenon, knocking them both into the deep river unconscious. If one where to look at the river right now, they would see a thousand diamonds sparkling under the sun, and two misfits floating down those diamonds.
[First Person View - Zenon] this will be FPV from now on.
As feeling filled my face, i start to feel the ice cold river water wash over me. Darting my crystal blue eyes open, i notice parts of my body are still numb, very numb. As i look over to my side i see someone, He liked about 5''4', wearing camo coveralls (which looked really thick), gray leather jacket and a sun hat. I see that the river were in goes on for quite a while and, in an attempt to move my arms, i got almost nothing in response, the best i got was a twitch from my arms, not like that would help or anything. I made several more attempts to move my arms, all which ended in fail. 'this is worrying now, i don't want hypothermia' I thought to myself, then suddenly, it happened. I was pulled underwater with great force, Closing my eyes immediately from the stinging cold water. Then, thoughts started flooding my head.
is this where I die?
is this where I get saved?
what happens from here?
how come I can feel pain when my body is numb?
I'm so young.
I want a family.
I want hope.

I heard a voice in the distance.
It was getting louder by the second.
A hand made its way onto my shoulder and started dragging my higher.
I was pulled above the waters surface, i could finally breath, it had felt like an eternity since i could breath, but I can now, so its ok.
[FPV- Professor Juniper]
I swam as fast as I could to the surface of the water, it getting colder and harder to breath by the second. As I reached the waters surface I was pulled to the edge by my assistants. They had gotten Me, Zenon and the fisherman a towel. I dried my self off and went over to my son to see if he was ok, it seemed that he was asleep and dry. I picked him up and carried him to the lab, (which was about 3 minute walks away) and put him in a bed to sleep. She walked out of his room and went to her own to change.
[FPV- Off]
As soon as Professor Juniper had changed, she walked out side to her Pokémon reserve (think of professor oaks backyard but 3xs as big) and fed the Pokémon, usually she has Zenon help her with this, but that's not an option.
10 minutes later
Zenon's eye's fluttered open, he was warm, very warm. He looked around and noticed two things: 1, he was in his room, and 2, both Excadrill and Magmar where there. He jumped out of his bed and stumbled a little, he must have been dizzy still. He noticed that he was still in his clothes, but he was completely dry, he sighed, he was going to change anyway
another 10 minutes later
Zenon looked into the mirror to check his outfit for himself and he wouldn't deny, he looked good. His clothes consisted of a long deep red scarf with a thin black hoodie that had small spikes on the shoulders with a black leather belt tied around his waist, as well as black sort-of-skinny jeans and to top it off, he had his long light blonde, almost white looking hair flowing from the fan beside him. He stepped out of his room and went to find his mom, after all he goes on his journey in 5 minutes.
[FPV - Zenon]
1 minute.
2 minutes.
3 minutes.
This was getting ridiculous, he had been looking for his mom all over the lab. Most kids by now would be with there mom walking over here, by most he meant around 50 kids would be arriving to get starting supplies or a starter. 'Where the hell could she be?'
''Zenon!, There you are!''. I turn around and see my mom, ''Finally, I was looking everywhere for you!'' I half-shouted ''he-he, sorry I was getting everything ready for the other kids''.
''Now, do you have everything?'' my mom asked. I pull out a duffle bag full of items ''yup everything in here'' I said with a grin.
''Heal items?''
As she looked through my bag, she nodded each time she saw something. I thought to myself 'my duffle bag consists of:
15 Pokéballs
3 Greatballs
3 Ultraballs
5 Premierballs
10 of each berry
3 Burn Heals
3 Ice Heals
3 Antidotes
3 Paralyze Heals and Element Skate Shoes'
''Nay, I'll be fine'' I said aloud to myself. My mom, ignoring what i said, replied ''Zenon lets go choose your starter''. My eyes unconsciously dart to my mom, who had a warm, inviting smile on her face, I get a smile of my own and simply nod my head and followed my mom.
[FPV - Off]
They walked into a large, cream coloured room, That Had what looked like 100's of Pokéballs on shelf's ''Wait-wait-wait-wait-wait-wait-wait-wait'' Zenon said repeatedly. ''I'm choosing a Pokémon from here?'' Zenon Asked expectantly, hoping it was true, the professor just nodded her head and watched her adopted son's eyes light up in excitement. Zenon then laughed while trying to say ''wo-new-tat-i-wold-get-te-cance-to-hose-a-Pokmn-Fom-te-stoage'' He said in between laughs
his mom said ''Catch your breath and say that again'' with an amused smile on her face Zenons laughing died down and he said ''Who knew I would get the chance to choose a Pokémon from the storage''.
His mom just smiled and said ''Well, go on and choose''
Zenon walked over and Looked at the pokeball, It was pure gold on the top half,the middle black line was green, the button was red and the bottom was Black.
''I choose this one''.
DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! do you realize how long writing this chapter took? no? well... a long time.
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  1. SwiftNinetalez
    Well over a month, part 2 must be coming soon.
    Oct 9, 2014
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    So we get to choose? Interesting.
    Starter- Chickorita (something different to make your story stand from the rest. But that's just me.)
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