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The legendary: The legendary A trip to the alola region:chapter 1

by Eevee is who I am

Eevee is who I am
Chapter 1
Ally and her mom were were going to akala island to meet the professor. The professor had sent ally to train with his assistant Abigail. Was off on her journey with Abigail. They rode a boat all the way to hohan region. They were walking down the street when the guardian pokemon came swooping in front of them then fainted. Then a Lunala came. And started to attack the guardian. Ally released kit cat (her pokemon Nick name) kit had used ember. Then out of Abigail's bag a sparkling pokemon came jumping out. Cosmog no! Then the cosmog blew up the Lunala and flew back into Abigail's bag.
Make sure you keep reading the whole series to find out what happens next
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