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The Legend Part 4

by AssassinGallade

AssassinGallade Last time Gallade and Jagged found two stones but aren't sure what they are for
After visiting his father's grave Jagged and Gallade set of to Kalos to catch more Pokemon find new friends and get more badges, when they arrive Jagged says," Ah Kalos a place I've always wanted to see." They go to the nearest gym which happens to be the Lumiouse gym. Single handedly Gallade with the instructions of Jagged storm through all of gym leader Clemont's Pokemon then they bust through the cyllage shalour and all the other gyms as well they are ready to enter the Kalos league but Jagged feels that something is wrong," The stones father's note said they would come in handy but." Gallade stops him from putting himself down and they continue their adventure and beat the Kalos league which leaves Diantha as their last opponent

As the Journey continues.......LOL......
  1. Alex The Hydreigon
    Alex The Hydreigon
    OMG YA DID IT XD I'm cant wait to see what happens next!!!!
    Jul 29, 2016