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The Legend of Zelda: Phoenix Warriors: The Legend of Zelda: Phoenix Warriors Part 13

by Champion Knight

Champion Knight The last adventure.....
Part 13: The Phoenix Warriors shall never die!

Link awoke in Hyrule Castle with Zelda at his side. “Huh? Wha? Zelda!?” Link said. “It’s okay Link the fight is over... We won!”. Link then thought about his uncle and the Phoenix Sword. “No. No, it is not okay!”. Link grabbed the Phoenix Sword and walked off. “Linken! Where are you going!?”. “I’m returning the Phoenix Sword to it’s pedestal! My uncle killed Ganondorf! Not me! That means I am not worthy of it!” Link yelled. “Stop Link!”. “No! You can never make me stop Zelda!”. Finally, in desperation, Zelda grabbed Link’s hand and kissed him. Both blushed. “Please Link, stay with me.”. Link sighed. “Okay, I’ll stay...”

The next day people went to the ceremony to celebrate the victory. Link arrived and kneeled in front of the now acclaimed Queen Zelda. He winked at her. She hand him the Phoenix Sword as she blushed. The Warriors took the Triforce pieces and reformed them into the holy Triforce! Suddenly the item zoomed towards the Phoenix Sword! After a great light blinded him, Link look at his blade... “The Phoenix Sword is back in it’s all powerful form! The Master Sword!” Zelda acclaimed. “Wait.... Look Zelda!”. Link had a Triforce marking on his hand. He was indeed a descendant of the Triforce of Courage! Zelda had on too, but she was the embodiment of the Triforce of Wisdom! “But wait, where’s the Triforce of Power?” Link asked. Then, he realized it. Link went to his uncle’s tomb, but soldiers stopped him. “Open the DAMN tomb!” Link ordered threatening them! He looked at his uncle’s hand. He had the Triforce of Power!

Link smiled, and walked up to the pillar. “Ganondorf thought he was all powerful, but he was wrong. He lost because the greatest power of them all is love and teamwork! And that’s why I say.... THE PHOENIX WARRIORS SHALL NEVER DIE!” Link yelled. Everyone cheered! But before they could speak with the new Hero of Hyrule, They saw Link and Zelda walking away, into the sunset...