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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Future: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Future Part 6

by Champion Knight

Champion Knight
Part 6: Koume, Sorceress of Fire.

Link enters the temple at nightfall, Ralph stops him. "Huh? Ralph!? Don't follow me. The Temple is too dangerous!" Link said. "I don't want to help, but I think this will!" Ralph handed Linken an item. "It's my latest invention: The Hookshot!" Ralph exclaimed " You can use it to stun monsters and get to faraway spots with ease!". "Huh, Thanks Ralph!" Linken said as he headed inside the dungeon.

Link made it deep into the Temple when got into a room that looked like an arena. " Hoo, ho! I see the hero has survived!" A voice said "Kotume fail to beat you, but I will!". "Something tells me you two know each other..." Link mocked her. "Hee, ho! Indeed! I am Koume, Sorceress of Fire!".

Koume shot a blast of fire at the hero. Thinking quickly, Link broke off a chunk of the floor and used it to block her attack. Link then used his new Hookshot to launch himself upward allowing him to hit Koume with the powerless Master Sword, sending her out the Temple

Link puts the Master Sword into the Time Pedestal, he once again sees into the past. Linken sees the Hero of Twilight once more. “So, where to now?” Link asked. “Go to four corners of Labyrnna: Ikana Valley, Rito Village, and...” The Ancient Hero said. “And what? C’mon tell me.” Link demanded. “I am sorry Linken, but I cannot give you any information on this place right now. You’ll have to find it yourself..”. The Hero of Twilight said. Link awoke from his vision, it was morning and he headed out of the Temple. “Don’t worry Fi. I will find you, no matter what it takes!” Link said confidently.