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Pokémon Kalos Champs: The last challenge 2

by BryceTehTrainer

BryceTehTrainer ..it's almost over
"Hey Xerneas switch with Beedrill now!!" 10 minutes later "Champion!" Bryce saw Diantha "battle!" Bryce sent out Venusaur "ok go Gardevoir!" The 1V1 match between Diantha and Bryce has begun!!! "Grass pledge!!" "Psychic!!" Grass pledge was stronger "ok Bryce you wanna see strong? Mega evolve!!" "You too Venusaur!!" "Grass edge!!" "Grass what?" "Grass pledge then Double edge!!" Gardevoir fainted "I win" Bryce went to the hall of fame room and he registered his Pokémon the end.. Jk "I got an invitation to Hoenn on the ferry to Kalos then back to Hoenn!" To be continued in Hoenn "he's done it he beat her" "yeah but his journey continues in Hoenn" "he's gonna pick Mudkip right?" "Yeah Mr. Internet famous" "Hahahaha!"
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