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Pokémon Kalos Champs: The last challenge 1

by BryceTehTrainer

BryceTehTrainer ...Get em Bryce
Last time "This is POKÉMON!!!" This time "...I ca-can't be-believe it were here at victory road" Bryce ran through a couple chambers till he came to some castle ruins where he saw a girl with an Absol and a bag "Hey!" The girl responded with "Bryce?!" Bryce recognized that voice "SERENA!!!" Bryce sent out Venusaur "last battle?" Bryce smiled "sure!!" Serena and Bryce both used their Mega Rings "1v1 me m8"
"Sleep powder lets go!" "Wake up Absol!" "Hit em with a Double edge!" (llllll ) Absol-Mega hp "Absol yes!! You woke up now use Night slash!" (lllllll ) Venusaur-Mega "..Grass pledge!!" (l ) CRITICAL HIT!!! "Night sla-" "FINISH HIM!!!" Absol-Mega < Venusaur-Mega

"That was good and it was my first fight without explosives" Serena looked at Bryce "EXPLOSIVES?!" Serena ran away yelling Bryce then ran to the Pokémon League and 10 minutes later "dragon dance Gyarados?! Siebold!!" Bryce complained "Waterfall!!" Bryce blacked out.. To be continued?
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  1. BryceTehTrainer
    I did pretty good right? Welcome to season 3 mechanics!!
    Feb 5, 2016