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The Last Amulet

by NightRaven

NightRaven A young girl, Willow, has been given a powerful gift that no one else could ever be given; an amulet. Finding out about two all-powerful beings, the girl finds out about another devastating secret; the amulet she holds is the last needed to summon the dark spirit. She must find the other 7 and summon the being of light...
(Yet another original story. This one may even have a "Pokemon version" of it where as each character is changed into a Pokemon, which all would be an eevee or it's evolution [especially depending on if it was summoned by one of the amulets and which] and that the beings would be two different legendaries. Anyways, let's get on with this, shall we?)

A girl with silver hair and blue eyes rushed through the forest, barking and howling being heard from nearby. She didn't even glance back. "Get on with it you hounds!" A loud voice snapped from far behind the girl. "Look for her!" The girl found a tree and managed to climb up into it. She was exhausted.
Soon, the girl fell asleep. "Hello, dear child..." A voice whispered. The girl looked around nervously. "Do not worry, dear Willow. I'm only but a friendly spirit..." Willow noticeably calmed down. A transparent woman appeared in front of Willow.
"There's something I must give you..." The spirit murmured. "Promise that no one will know about it..." Willow nodded. The spirit gave the girl a bright blue stone with a lighter snowflake symbol on it.
"What is it?" Willow asked.

"The amulet of frost.." The spirit replied. The girl noticed that the amulet was rather cold.
"Thank you..." Willow whispered before waking up. She jumped out of the tree and stared at the amulet. She poked at the symbol on the front, seeming confused. Soon, it glowed and a block of ice appeared in front of her. It started to crack in the shape of a wolf.
The rest of the ice broke off while leaving only the shape of a wolf that soon shattered to reveal a large white wolf with bright blue eyes. It howled and sat down. Willow backed away slowly. The wolf glanced at her and tilted it's head. "Do not worry, Willow. You only summoned me; you can name me whatever you like and I'll stay by your side! Just please don't be like the last owner...called me....'Snowflake'...." The wolf barked.
"I'll name you...Blizzard." Willow murmured.
"I love it! Also, I haven't been around for 5,000 years after the being of light's power ended...so, is everything alright?" Blizzard asked.
"Being of light?" Willow seemed confused.
"Nevermind. Come on! Let's get that amulet to the shrine!" Blizzard barked.
"But...they're out there! There are so many things..." Willow whispered.
"Yeah, but there's always something around here in Ionia! C'mon!" Blizzard whined.
"Fine...how far is it?" Willow sighed.
"On the top of that mountain!" Blizzard responded, flicking her tail towards a mountain that was a light grey, with pure white snow covering parts of it; another stood next to it, having dark gray stone with black snow.
"That's so far!" Willow complained.
"Too bad; now, come on!" Blizzard barked before racing ahead. Willow reluctantly followed. The two wandered down a path towards the mountain. Suddenly, a woman with black hair and green eyes appeared, two wolves with grey fur beside her.
"Where do you think you're going?" The woman growled.
"Oh...so I see the world isn't fine." Blizzard muttered. "Come on, Willow; let's fight her off!"
"What do I do?" Willow seemed confused. Suddenly, Willow had a blade in her hands. "Oh..."
"Let's just fight! We have to destroy the spirit!" Blizzard explained. One of the wolves attacked, but Blizzard blocked it by creating a shield of ice. Blizzard then froze the wolf's paws to the ground. "Now! Strike it!" Blizzard barked. Willow reluctantly raised the blade and brought it down with all of her force.
The wolf howled and faded, the ice shattering. The other wolf attacked and Willow stabbed it in the side with the sword, causing it to yelp. Blizzard then created arrows of ice in the air and shot them directly at the wolf, striking it and soon destroying it. The woman attacked, Willow stabbing her in the chest and soon destroying her spirit as well. Blizzard glanced happily at Willow.
"We did it!" She howled. "We destroyed the spirits of darkness!" Willow smiled and attempted to hug her white wolf companion.
"I never thought it'd be that easy!" Willow exclaimed.
"It can be a bit easy, but I have a feeling it wont be for long." Blizzard warned nervously. Willow nodded and the two continued their travels.
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  1. NightRaven
    This is all that's gonna be uploaded for now! I hope you enjoy the story!
    Apr 11, 2016
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