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The Kowareta (call for help/announcement(?))

by Twilight Nova

Twilight Nova Propaganda from a story I've been working on for a while now called 'The Sanguine City'
(First person to correctly guess what the symbols mean and what this is propaganda for will get to have their character added to the story in some way)

Anyways, I need help! I've been trying to work on this with minimal assistance from others and I'd like some extra hands. I need things like
- culture consultants
- story and character consultants
- idea people
- researchers
- artists (may be a stretch)
- encouragement since my mental health is not so good
- heck even aesthetic makers (which sort of count as artists)
- any sort of help! Anything is appreciated

'The Sanguine City' is a story from the perspective of a fallen angel named (ironically enough) Icarus. It takes place about 300 years in the future, where the only place on earth that is left habitable after constant war is Japan, where the remaining living beings from around the world have moved to. This includes the supernatural beings - from all religions and mythologies. Though, the non-humans are heavily discriminated against; murder and hate crimes often go ignored by police. (That has included the slaughter of entire villages of non-humans) With a rising threat, all non-humans and some humans connected to the threat in some way are forced to fight against it before it is too late. Will Icarus and his ragtag group of those he got along best with in basic training be able to stop The 'Kowareta' before all of Enoménos (the new name of the unified countries) is turned to ashes? Probably not.

Characters include;
Strató Neró
(Those forced to fight the Kowareta)
Icarus - a young fallen angel who had his wings torn off and was thrown to the earth after flying, though it was strictly against the rules in heaven. He has extremely low self esteem due to this, and doesn't believe he will ever be anything more than what he already was.
Fun fact; Icarus' wings were a beautiful dark brown at the top, and faded to a light brown near the bottom.
Kori - a Kitsune with only three tails who pretends to be human, though it is draining, so he isn't horrifically murdered. Best friends with Alex, his village had been burned and his family killed when he was only a few months old. He thought he was the only one who had escaped it. Not wanting others to suffer alone like he did, he is sweet and overly caring.
Fun fact; he has Type 1 diabetes and manages it pretty well.
Alex - a mizuchi (a river spirit like the one from Spirited Away) who had been torn from his river at the young (for his speicies) age of 50. He also hides that he is not human, as if he was found to be one, his blood is said to be very valuable. Usually the voice of reason, due to his past he is often bitter and cynical but would give up his life for those he cares about.
Fun fact; In his real form, he is about the size of a school bus.
Oscar - a human and ex-police officer (of sorts), about 47 years old, forced into service due to his connection with his daughter and is very bitter about it. His wife, an aswang, was killed in a hate crime. Cold and disconnected, he doesn't interact as much as the others. He snaps easily. Though, he is a huge teddy bear at heart.
Fun fact; His allergies are triggered by fur. Another reason he tends to stay away from the others.
Colin - a werewolf that used to be human. (in the future, people are usually born werewolves) He has two children he loves dearly. He joined willingly, hoping to save his husband from the corruptive hive mind of The Kowareta. He just wants to say he's sorry for what he did to him, and to save him from a fate it is known all in The Kowareta will befall, one way or another. (Also to do what loved ones can do in most werewolf myths; call his name and pull him out of his 'savage-minded' trance) A big dork, sweetheart, and worry wart. He is also a ball of sass.
Fun fact; He got himself bit so he could watch his children grow, who were born werewolves.

The Kowareta
Kasai - a very broken Kitsune, brother of Kori. Killed other Kitsune (namely the kitsune priests) to gain all nine tails. Wears a mask to hide his face when he is in his true form, sees himself as the leader of The Kowareta. Hates absolutely every human with a burning (ha ha) passion. Except the only one he can tolerate, that is; his supposed 'soulmate', Liam, who was a poor human he kidnapped when his village burned down as revenge.
Fun fact; his personality is like Arin from Game Grumps, but x1000 times more jerky and very distant.
???? - a being from another plane of existence. It's hypnotizing/influencing and hivemind abilities made it able to puppeteer the creation and workings of The Kowareta.
Fun fact; it looks absolutely terrifying, and different to each member of The Kowartea. You can tell if one of the leaders is being influenced/possessed by it if there are any neon green in their eyes.
Casey - a mizuchi, brother to Alex. Was torn from his river when he was only a few months old, causing poor health and for him to slowly loose his mind. He finally snapped when he lost his front leg to a forest spirit. His personality is like Danny from Game Grumps, except x1000 times the jerk and absolutely insane.
Fun fact; Unlike his brother, Casey is only the size of a big dog. Small and bitter.
Michael (or Sabastian, haven't decided yet) - a middle aged werewolf who's seen a lot. After being reported by someone he saw as a friend, the town saw him as a savage and dragged him off to be jailed and possibly killed, though he had done nothing. His unborn children and his husband had nearly also been killed since people feared his children come out as werewolves as well. (Which they did) Thinking his husband and children were dead for years, he slowly went crazy with grief. On the outside he acts like a cold-hearted jerk, on the inside he is the biggest teddy bear ever. Often stays in his wolf form, causing him to slowly loose his humanity.
Fun fact; Too self conscious to wear glasses, and can't afford contacts. He also used to have reddish-brown and sandy colored fur, but it slowly turned grey due to immense stress.
Lydia - daughter of Oscar and only about 15, she is half aswang. She about lost her mind after her mother's death and ran off to join The Kowareta, mostly to spite her father. Very energetic and snarky, she often pushes the buttons of everyone else.
Fun fact; She is only 4'8". She also has no idea how to control her powers.

The Kitsune Priests - the only non-humans held with some sort of respect. Able to communicate with the goddess Amaterasu, they help advise those when they need it, especially those in positions of power. Since they hold 'The Beads Of Heaven', a gift from Amaterasu herself, they are targeted by The Kowareta due to the great power held within them.
Fun fact; don't get too attached to any of them, at least three of the thirteen are killed by The Kowareta before the story even begins.

Thanks for reading, if you've gotten this for! Again; message me or comment if you'd like to help me in some way! Have a nice day
  1. Twilight Nova
    Twilight Nova
    @Cloudswift thank you so much! I'll PM you and send you some sketches I have of different things (I even have music to help you get a better feel of the characters and story ha ha)
    Dec 18, 2017
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  2. Cloudswift
    I'd really like to help out! While I don't know what the symbol means, I'd really like to add a character. And I can kind of help with art too, just give me something to use as a visual aid and I'll be set! Really, I think I could be anything except a researcher and an aesthetic maker(whatever that is lol)! Hope I can help! :D
    Dec 18, 2017
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