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The Journey of the Fallen

by NightRaven

NightRaven (Yet another story I had planned; I honestly don't know where it came from, but I hope you enjoy!)
A new journey had just begun... A group of cats had lost it's forest home to a fire, and now they embark on a journey they had never imagined before. Their quest for a new home is now beginning...
(Note: the characters have mixed names[Forest Clan names, Tribe names, etc.].)
Broken Dawn's Camp
Leader: Broken Dawn- gray she-cat with amber eyes
Deputy: Feather- silver tabby tom with blue eyes
Medicine cat: Hawkfire- black tabby tom with amber eyes
Apprentice, Smoke
Rolling Thunder- golden tom with yellow eyes
Moss- gray tom with green eyes
Amber- ginger tabby she-cat with amber eyes
Runningfrost- black tom with blue eyes
Soaring Raven- black she-cat with yellow eyes
Snarl- gray tabby tom with yellow eyes
Apprentice, Lily
Holly- black she-cat with green eyes
Apprentice, Swift River
Jay- blue-gray tabby tom with blue eyes
Apprentice, Sparrow
Wolf- massive gray tom with yellow eyes
Fox- small ginger she-cat with yellow eyes
Smoke- dark gray tom with green eyes
Lily- white she-cat with blue eyes
Swift River- blue gray she-cat with blue eyes
Sparrow- small brown tabby tom with amber eyes
Screech- black she-cat with amber eyes
Stone- gray she-cat with blue eyes
Jaggedthorn- brown she-cat with yellow eyes
Poppy- dark brown she-cat with green eyes
Bramble- dark brown tabby tom with blue eyes
Bracken- dark brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes
Ash- dark gray tom with blue eyes
Fern- dark gray she-cat with green eyes

Thunder crashed overhead as rain poured down on the cats in the burning forest below. The air was filled with yowling of fear. "Hurry," a gray she-cat yowled. "Get out of the camp while you can!"
"But, Broken Dawn," A silver tabby tom growled. "You can't stay in camp and burn! We need you!" Broken Dawn shook her head.
"Go on, would you?" She hissed. "It's best if my cats live not if they die!"
"But-" The tabby started again, but a flaming branch crashed down on him.
"Feather!" Broken Dawn wailed, rushing to the branch. A silver tail stuck out from under it. Suddenly, Feather crawled out from under the branch, a badly injured leg and scorched fur.
"Just go," He rasped. "I'll help the others..." Broken Dawn slowly nodded and bounded away with the cats who managed to escape.
"Follow me!" She yowled, catching the attention of the other cats. "Feather will be helping the others, but I fear we cannot stay here any longer." The cats were murmuring nervously about her choice.
"Why?" A voice angrily called out. "We have lived here for years!"
"Just follow me and I'll explain!" Broken Dawn yowled before padding away, the cats following. Feather was looking around nervously for the cats in the camp...
But they weren't there...or so he thought.
Suddenly, a wailing came from the nursery and Feather rushed towards the den, eyes wide. He saw Stone with her kits; one was a gray tabby she-cat with green eyes(Jaykit), one was a blue-gray she-cat with green eyes(Bluekit), one was a black-and-white tom with amber eyes(Swiftkit), and the other was a brown tabby tom(Bramblekit) with yellow eyes. "I can't carry my kits through the fire!" She wailed. "Please, help!" Feather dragged out Bluekit and Swiftkit out of the nursery, setting them just outside of it. Stone slowly got up, grunting, and dragged Jaykit and Bramblekit.
"Thank you," Stone murmured. "I can manage. You go find the others." Feather dipped his head and searched the camp. He heard a coughing noise in the medicine cat's den. He glanced into the den only to find it filled with smoke and soon he saw a dark gray she-cat with green eyes; Fern.
"Feather..." the cat murmured. "Please...help me..." Feather rushed into the den, trying to help the elder to her paws. She barely managed to get up and she leaned on his shoulder as he led her out of the smoke-filled den. Suddenly, Fern collapsed.
"Fern!" Feather yelped. "Are you okay?" Fern stared up at him, her green eyes slowly going pale.
"Don't worry about me," She meowed between coughs. "You should go help anyone else you find..." Feather opened his mouth to object. He wasn't going to leave any cat behind, especially an elder! "It's time for us to part ways...." She rasped before her eyes were terribly pale and slowly closing before a shudder passed through her body and she went limp. Feather wailed in mourning for the elder.
He searched the camp after a few moments before finding no one else. He went back to Fern and managed to lift the thin and strangely light elder onto his back and carry her to the entrance. Suddenly, a blazing branch fell onto the ground and blocked the tunnel and Feather managed to leap out of the way in time. "Oh no," He yowled. "I'm trapped!" He looked around, eyes wild with fear.
There was no where else he could go, and soon the fire began to take it's toll on the camp, closing in around Feather and the dead elder. A tree fell onto the camp, destroying it, but Feather managed to stay under it without feeling any pain. Soon, the tree was burning, and Feather had no way out. He dug his claws in the earth, pressing his body against Fern's as he waited to feel searing pain all throughout his body, but he was breathing rapidly, and with each breath came a cloud of smoke. Suddenly, everything went black...
Broken Dawn and her cats rushed out of the forest until they came across a cliff. A tree acted as a bridge to help them to another cliff that led safely to the ground, but the leader knew it'd catch fire at any moment. "Hurry across the tree!" She ordered. "Now!" The warriors leapt onto the thick tree and padded quickly to the other side. Suddenly, the ground shook for a few moments and a warrior pushed past the others and raced across, fur bristling.
The warrior soon lost his grip and dug his claws onto the other side. The warrior, Moss, yowled for help, but the ground shook again, along with the tree and Moss soon fell into the burning forest below. The cats on the tree hurried across. This was a time they wouldn't forget...
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  1. NightRaven
    I don't know how much I can get in, but updates will be slow until I get back from a nightmare.
    Apr 29, 2016
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