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Ultimate Fists!: The Ironfist

by Hecotoro

Hecotoro The leader and first member of the powerfull ultimate fists!
He was born to fight. Since the day he hatched from his egg, he was told he was ment for greatness. He went by the name Iron. He was a small Riolu when his training began. He mastered the control of his aura. He became the fastest and strongest among his village. That all changed one day though.
Iron sat with his master, a powerfull Lucario by the name of Luk. They were meditating in the depths of a cave when a loud boom interrupted them. Luk quickly ran towards the village with young Iron behind him. When they reached the village, there was no pokemon alive. Their treehouses burned to the ground, their crops gone and their belongings gone. Luk without hesitation ran of to the mountains to search for the ones responsible for this. Iron searched for his best friend, a young meditite, who always tried to be as strong as Iron. Unfortunatelly, Iron did not find anybody. The small Riolu ran to the mountains in search for his master, but he was never found.
Riolu continued to train in the mountains and later became a Lucario. The young and strong Iron decided he would avenge his fallen comrades and make sure no other pokemon in the world could have to go through this. And so, his long quest for peace and justice began.
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