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The House of Dark

by HeartlessNobody

HeartlessNobody Walking into his house late one night this husband is in for a surprise, how you interpret it is up to you.
In you walk into the house that is yours
You stare into the darkness that forever endures.
You continue on waiting for your eyes to adjust,
Tripping over the rug, you knock over your bust.

Getting up you curse under your breath
Looking down you see signs of a horrific death.
You squint your eyes almost in strain
Your face scrunches up in horrible distain.

Red that is dark you see in small spots
You follow the trail of these little dots.
Down the hall you go to see a faint light
But try as you will you still shudder in fright.

Pushing open the door you flinch at the creak
Peeking inside you can't help but suddenly feel weak.
A woman lies there smiling covered in red
You look at her fondly for she is the one you wed.
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