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OCs: The Hoodie Girls Part 1

by Kawaii Unicorn

The Hoodie Squad.png
Kawaii Unicorn Base:http://clgbases.deviantart.com/art/29-Pokemon-Sweaters-Base-Edit-2-IggyPixel-Base-545967872
So here are some more OCs!

Belinda: Belinda is the girl in the Dragonite hoodie, she is a shy girl who makes a living my delivering letters, she has short black hair and pink eyes, she owns a dragonite named Missy

Blossom: Blossom is the girl in the Chikorita hoodie, she is brave and adventurous, she has long wavy pink hair and blue eyes, she has a Chikorita named Glitter

Ariel: Ariel is the girl in the Mewoth hoodie, she has short blonde hair and yellow eyes, she is sneaky and has a Meowth named Diamond

Anima: Anima is the girl in the Gengar hoodie she has flowing black hair and a need for speed, she has a Gengar named Jingo

Maya: Maya is the girl in the azumarill hoodie, she has long brown hair and puffy shoes, she is the newspaper girl and has an Azumarill named Splash

Munch: Munch is the girl in the Snorlax hoodie, my personal favorite, she eats alot and is very friendly, she likes to play video games but has a daily exersise routine to keep her in shape, she has a Snorlax named Dopey.

So there are some of my OCs in the Hoodie Girls Squad.