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the history of my team

by Random boi

Random boi
hello guys! this is my history of my pokemon team i will put one of each game i played ok lets start!

first pokemon zac my umbreon:i catched he in black 2 i was planning to a jolteon but he evolved to a umbreon so i put he in pc but after i was too away for castelia so i stay with he

second pokemon shinobo my salamence:i catched he in oras only vs drake he evolved to a salamence! i was too happy in the hour and only after delta episode i picked the mega stone now i have a mega salamence!!! i are going to explode!! *BUM technical errors*

spike my jolteon:i picked her inpokemon leaf green in the celadon city i no thinked twice evolve to a jolteon and now i have a jolteon the best eletrick type!! *without talking of raikou*

gohma my ariados:i was playing pokemon crystal and zelda ocarina of time and i was loking for a spinarak and aperead a SHINY SPINARAK!!! man was close to explode again!*BUM!! technical errors again*

emperor my empoleon:my starter of pokemon diamond and was 30 minutes to chose the name emperor he kick the cyntia garchomp butt

brave my talonflame:i was trading in wonder trade and come a lv 13 fletchling and her defeated wilkstorm was so easy

so guys its my team and sorry for i not posting many things the school are making much dificulty
  1. SanityandZap
    Too many spelling errors :sigh: but otherwise, it really talks about your Pokémon. I like it!
    Apr 2, 2017