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The Haunted Mansion: A Pokéworld Skit

by UndeadRaptor13

UndeadRaptor13 So I decided to writ this for the #flashchallenge. I hope you enjoy this little tale of horror. (Note- This being a skit means it does not tie into the main storyline of the Pokéworld series I am writing. I wrote this purely for the flash challenge and Spooky2014.)
Kevin, a wild shiny Zorua, approached the eerie mansion along with his friends Josh, a shiny Eevee, Alice, a shiny Kirlia and Drago, an average Dratini. Storm clouds swirled around the mansion’s upper levels, making it impossible to see the top of the mansion. Every now and again there would be a flash and the loud booming of thunder as lightning stuck somewhere the four couldn’t see. “I don’t know about this Kevin…that mansion looks really haunted…” Josh said shyly. “Oh come on Josh. There’s no such thing as Ghosts, be it Pokémon or human. Besides, I’m not going to back down from a dare. Come on, let’s do this.” Kevin replied. “Maybe Josh is right Kevin. I have a bad feeling about that house.” Drago said. “Oh come on, not you too. Guys, it’ll be fine. All we have to do is go to the top floor and ring a bell of some sort. That was the dare and we already walked all the way out here. Don’t let the mansion’s looks scare you off.” “I suppose it won’t hurt to have a closer look…” Alice said, “…but we should be careful. Let’s take this nice and slow. Don’t just rush into it.” Kevin nodded. “I’ll lead the way.” He said. Kevin walked up to the mansion’s gate. It was slightly open, so Kevin pushed it open and his friends followed him up the path to the mansion.

Upon reaching the large front door of the mansion, Alice stepped ahead of Kevin. “I can get the door.” She said. She placed her hands on the door and pushed, but it wouldn’t budge. “Oh well, that’s a shame. We should go now, come on lets…” Josh started to say rapidly when Kevin cut him off. “Josh, we aren’t going anywhere. Alice can get the door open.” Alice nodded and took a step back away from the door. She used her psychic power to open the heavy door. As soon as the door was opened just a crack, a cold wind blew past the party of four and they felt a strange chill overtake them. “Brr…what is that?” Kevin asked. “I felt it too.” Josh said. “Can we please just…” Suddenly they heard Alice scream and Kevin turned just in time to see her get dragged inside the mansion.

“Alice!!” Kevin ran through the door after her. “Kevin wait!” Josh and Drago ran after him. Once they all ran inside the mansion, the door closed behind them. “Oh no.” Drago said. “Josh the door just…” Drago looked back towards where Josh was standing and he was gone. Drago was alone in the eerie lighted main hall of the mansion. The only light source was candles scattered around the hall, giving off a blue flame. Drago looked around, frightened. “Josh? Kevin? Alice?” He called out. No response came so Drago slithered his way down the hall to search for his friends.

Meanwhile, Kevin was chasing after Alice. She was being dragged by vines that were wrapped around her body and she struggled to free herself. Kevin was starting to catch up to her and once he was close enough, he used Fury Swipes on the vines, cutting them apart and freeing Alice. “A-Alice…are you…ok?” Kevin panted, out of breath from the long sprint. “Yeah, thanks Kevin. We need to get out of here, now!” Kevin nodded. “Let’s find Josh and Drago and get back to the entrance.” He said. They started to walk back the way Kevin came when they saw something come from the shadows. A Haunter floated into the candlelight and started towards them. “Uhh….Alice…is that…” “Ghost!! RUN!!!” Alice shrieked and ran in the opposite direction. Kevin was frozen in fear and he couldn’t move. The Haunter approached him and reached out to pick him up, but he suddenly started floating off the ground. “W-what’s going on?” Kevin looked around and saw Alice a little ways away. She was using her Psychic power on him. He floated to Alice and she held him in her arms and ran from the Haunter. “What was that Kevin? Are you ok?” Kevin didn’t reply. He had a terrified look on his face and he was shivering. “We have to get out of here…but where are we?” Alice looked around. They were in a hallway with a few rooms joining it. Alice opened a few doors and peeked into the rooms. They were all bedrooms that were mostly empty aside from a bed and a wardrobe. She continued down the hall to try to find a way out.

As she walked holding Kevin in her arms, Alice heard footsteps come from behind her. She turned around to face whoever was approaching her. Josh ran out of the shadows and ran right into her, causing her to fall over and drop Kevin. “Ouch.” She said. “Josh?” “Alice! You’re alive! Thank goodness, we have to get out of here. There are ghosts! They’re real Alice, we…” Josh was frantic. “I know, I know Josh. Kevin and I saw one and we had to run away from it.” “Oh, you’re with Kevin? Where is he?” “I dropped him when you ran into me, he’s right here.” Alice said and looked around for Kevin. Kevin was gone. “No…no that doesn’t make any sense. Where did he go?!?” Alice said. “Alice…look…” Alice turned around to see the Haunter from before holding Kevin and licking him with its tongue, which was stealing his life force. “Kevin!” Alice shouted. After the Haunter had licked Kevin, it dropped the little Zorua to the ground, where he didn’t move. “Oh no…I think Kevin is…” Josh started to say. “Josh, we have to go now!” Alice said and turned to run down the hallway. Josh followed closely as they ran away from the Haunter. They came to the end of the hall and Alice burst through the door at the end. They ended up in a stairwell. The stairs wound up the mansion in a spiral form.

“Josh, I have an idea.” Alice said. “What is it?” Josh asked. “The bell Kevin mentioned is on the top floor of the mansion. Maybe if we ring it, the ghosts will go away.” “Hey, good idea. Maybe it will bring back Kevin and Drago to! Let’s hurry to the top floor!” Josh replied. They started running up the stairs. When they were about halfway to the top floor, they heard something coming up behind them. When they stopped to look, they saw the vines that had dragged Alice into the mansion earlier chasing them up the stairs. “Oh no. Josh run!” Alice shouted and they sprinted to get up the stairs. The vines caught up to Josh and wrapped around his legs and body causing him to fall over. “Agh, Alice, help!” Josh cried. Alice ran back to him and held onto his front paws as the vines tried to drag him away. Alice pulled, trying to save Josh from the vines grip, but Josh’s paws slipped out of grasp slowly, and he was dragged away down the staircase. “No, Josh!” Alice sat there. She couldn’t believe what was happening. All of her friends were dead and it was just her now. “I…I’ve got to get to that bell. Maybe it will bring them back. I…I have to.” She got up. Tears were falling from her eyes, but she pressed onward up the stairs. Once she reached the top, she opened a door and ran into a room.

The room was empty, except for a few candles lighting it, and a ladder at the far end of the room. “That must lead to the bell.” Alice thought to herself. She walked towards the ladder, but was stopped when three ghosts suddenly appeared in front of her. They were the ghosts of her fallen friends. “Turn back, Alice. It’s over…” Kevin said eerily. “Turn back, and accept your fate.” Josh said in the same eerie way. “You can join us once again. Become one of us.” Drago said. “No, this is not how it’s going to go! If I can’t bring you guys back, I can at least set you free.” She walked past them and towards the ladder. Before she could get to the ladder, Drago suddenly wrapped around her neck, constricting her. “No!” Drago screamed. “Not the bell.” Kevin growled. “Agh…get…off!” Alice pried Drago off of her and threw him into the wall. She used Psychic on Kevin and Josh, throwing them into a wall. All three of the ghosts disappeared the next instant, and Alice gasped for breath. “I’ve…got to ring that bell.” She said and climbed up the ladder. Once she climbed to the top, she was in a bell tower and she saw the bell. “There it is!” She ran over to the bell and reached for the rope to ring it. Before she was in arms reach, shadowy hands emerged from the ground and grabbed her legs. “Argh! No!” The hands started to drag her under the ground. She reached desperately for the rope. She fought against the hands pull and grabbed at the rope. She managed to reach it barely and pulled it, causing the bell to start ringing. The shadowy hands let her go and sank back into the ground. The whole world seemed to be shaking. Alice covered her ears because the bell was so loud. The storm clouds dispersed and daylight suddenly broke over the horizon. The bell gradually stopped ringing.

Alice stood up and looked at the sunrise. “That’s it…it’s over…I did it…” “Alice…” She heard a voice behind her. She turned alarmed at the voice and saw her three friends. “What? You guys are alive?!?” Kevin nodded. “Congratulations Alice, you survived my mansion of terror.” “Wait…WHAT?!?” Alice was confused. “You see Alice, no one was in any danger, it was all part of my Illusion ability. I conjured the haunted look of this mansion, the Haunter, and the vines. The only thing that was real was the mansion.” “So…those ghosts of you guys…” “Also an Illusion.” “Wait, did you two know about this?” Alice asked Josh and Drago. “Nope. We had no clue. Honestly I thought I was finished when the vines took me. It was terrifying.” Josh said. “Well, it looks like Alice is the one true survivor.” Kevin said. “We can all go back to the ranch now. Let’s go.”

And so, the entire haunted mansion was all the doing of Kevin and his powerful illusions. But as they were leaving the mansion they couldn’t help but feel as something was watching from the shadows. Maybe someone or something was there watching them, maybe it was just another illusion. All that anyone could be sure of was that nobody was hurt, and Alice survived Kevin’s challenge where the other two failed. Perhaps Kevin had more in store for them later or perhaps this was just a prank Kevin wanted to pull. Only Kevin will truly know.