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The Guardians: Chapter 1

by misterhipster

misterhipster “And little did we know that these four very days would change our lives forever as we know it.”
I woke up my my little sister shaking my shoulder.

“Hazel! Hazel, wakey wakey!” She ripped my blanket off of my bed. I groaned.

“Go annoy someone else, it’s Saturday morning.”

“Noon.” She remarked in a voice that irritates me.

“Still, you get the point.” I cracked my eyes open. “Go away.”

“We’re going on a camping trip with my friends and their big sisters!” Lucy squealed.

“I guess that’s a reason.” I grumbled. “Leave my room so I can get ready.”

As Lucy left the room, I pulled my duffel bag from my closet and packed it with stuff. Lotion, hairbrush, new pack of hair-ties, snacks, a few outfits, toothbrush and tooth paste, my phone and charger, and my sleeping bag and pillow, all crammed into that duffel bag.

I changed my clothes and put those night clothes into my cramped bag. I changed into a simple outfit, black leggings, an olive green t-shirt with black polka dots and a jacket.

A few minutes later, there we were, into the car on an hour long car ride.

We had reached the site. It was a place with many trees and I saw a couple big rocks. Animal paradise.

The spot itself was cleared out for campers. It had a pavilion, places to place your tents, and it had a pond with a wooden diving board. It was nice, I suppose.

I saw everything unpacked from the other people. They weren’t familiar to me, but my mother knew the people. We were the last people to get there.

Soon, everything that belonged to ours was unpacked and out tents were set up and everything was packed into the storage room but our bags and stuff for sleep.

The four other older girls probably didn’t know each other either.

The first girl that I saw had very long, curly blonde hair with dark skin. She had hazel eyes, and wore an athletic outfit. I later discovered that her name was Sam.

The second girl I saw had dark, medium-length brown hair and green eyes. She wore a simple black shirt with camo pants and black converse. The girl had glasses, which were black. Her name, which I later found out was Evie. I shared a tent with Evie because her family didn’t have an extra.

The third girl had a cold expression. She had jet black hair that was tied into a low bun, light skin and a couple freckles. The girl wore jeans, a white tee and a denim jacket. Her name was Kiera.

The final girl had dyed her hair dark blue and had the longest hair out of all of us. She wore overalls and an off the shoulder shirt with flower patterns. The girls name was Ruby.

After i introduced myself, I thought I had made a couple friends. I did, besides Kiera, she wasn’t the kindest to me all the time.

My mother told me we would stay for four days here with the girls.

And little did we know that these four very days would change our lives forever as we know it.
  1. CrazyWolf
    Great work! Keep it up!
    Jun 14, 2019
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  2. Ampharos' Dragon Blood
    Ampharos' Dragon Blood
    Great story! I can't wait to read Chapter 2!
    May 11, 2019
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  3. RenzFlintrock
    Good job!
    May 4, 2019
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