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The greatest journey

by aura guardian rory

aura guardian rory the first part of my series
It was the day it all began. I woke up in my bed exited for the day ahead. I jumped out the door (after I got dressed of course) and started to make my way up to the professor’s lab and ad I did I passed Sasha’s house and because she was my best friend and she always had my back it was only right that I start my journey with her. So I knocked on her door and the door swung open and there was Sasha with her backpack she knew I was coming and she was prepared for me “hi Rory” Sasha said “hey” I replied “let me guess you want me to come with you on your journey” she said “how did you know” I laughed.

After that short conversation we headed up to the lab. We walked for 5 minutes and then we saw it as soon as that happened we bolted for the door when we arrived we couldn’t stop and we slammed directly into the doors. I looked around to see if anyone saw that I turned and saw professor oak standing there laughing at us in a pile on the floor “what are you two doing” he said “we hit a door” Sasha mumbled “oh” he laughed again. We got up and brushed ourselves off after we got in we saw 3 pokeballs siting on the table in all its red shininess. The professor told us which Pokémon were which and we went to choose them. Sasha went straight to the one with the bubble and I went for the one with the flame. She threw hers out first “wow a squirtle” I said Sasha’s mouth dropped then she ran and hugged it just then it used hydro pump and knocked her over but she was still hugging it. After that I threw out my Pokémon to revel it was a shiny charmander as soon as it came out of its ball it started to chase its tail. “Well I guess we got the strange ones” Sasha chuckled “oh I forgot here is your poke-gear” professor oak said “let’s go”

  1. Sasha the Eevee Master
    Feb 2, 2015