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The grass patch

by Flareon lover 1626

Flareon lover 1626 A child walked into a patch of grass and something attacked him but then a strange Pokemon saves her. What Pokemon is it? Read the story to find out!
One day in the great region of Hoenn, in a small town by the name of Littleroot a young boy with the name Justin lived there with his sister Bailey, his mother Anabell, and his father Norman. One day Bailey went out into the forest to find Albert their neighbor who was also the Pofessor's son but she endend up finding the professor. The professor was being attacked by a wild wurmple. " There are theree Pokemon in my bag please choose one any one you like please just help me!", cried the professor. The theree Pokemon Bailey could choose were Torchic (the fire type), Mudkip (the water type), or Treeko (the grass type). Bailey chose Torchic and battled the wild wurmple. After being hit a few times the wild wurmple ran away. Professor Birch gifted the Torchic to Bailey as a reward for saving him. After that Justin has not seen Bailey since then. " Mother may I play outside?" questioned Justin. "Yes you may but don't go running into the tall grass a wild Pokemon might jump out at you." replayed his mother. " Pfft I'll be fine no Pokemon will wanna fight me!" said Justin to him self. Justin was only nine years old and to become a certified Pokemon trainer you had to be at least ten years old, our hero was so desperate to get his first Pokemon he put his own life at risk without even knowing it. Disobeying his mother Justin walked in the tall grass for a little while, Justin was becoming bored but then a wild wurmple appeared! Justin not old enough to be a Pokemon trainer had no Pokemon to battle with. The wild wurmple attacked!! Justin too scared and surprised to run away sat down on the ground and closed his eyes in terror, but then a blurr of black and red appeared. The blurr was too fast to make out the creature but the move it used was a clue to what it was. When Justin opened his eyes all he saw was the wild wurmple knocked out on the ground with burn marks all over it. Justin's mother came running outside seeing her son sitting on the ground in shock terrified her. She had tried to ask Justin what happened all he would say was " the Pokemon in the grass patch saved my life."
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  1. Sky Captain
    Sky Captain
    There are few little grammar errors here and there, but this is cute regardless~ Are you gonna continue it?
    Jan 27, 2017