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Miles and Sherrie: The Grass Dragon Prolouge

by MikeAllenZ

MikeAllenZ Miles, a secrete agent, finds himself at the mercy of an old ally

I run to the control room as fast as I possibly can. No this can't be happening. Not now. Not after all the good we've done. Please, not a Coup
Houndoom runs along side me. We come across two faces that are all too familiar who have a Heracross and a Mawille. "Houndoom, use Fire Blast" I call out, and he responds quickly. Brushing the four figures out of the way.
I arrive to the corner of the hallway to enter the control room. I'll never forget the sight I saw. Dark brown hair, tan skin, a pink and purple outfit that has an "S" on it. Exactly what and who I feared the most. Agent S or Selena.
She turned to me with a malicious, power induced smile. Behind her, Director Harold, my mentor, floating in the air as if he were being force chocked. And the stunning girl before me a sith.
"Knock it off" I demand, near tears. "The technology isn't supposed to be used like this."
She looked closely at me, making sure I saw her pink eyes glowing like headlights. "Do you think I give a crap?"
"Selena please!" My fear much more obvious. I'm the one with the reputation of emotional security, but around her I can't control my fear.
Her Metagross peers at me from behind her. Peering at me with the same eyes I've been hiding from my whole life. Just like its trainer, it showed no hint of remorse.
"I don't think you realize. I've been waiting for this kind of power my whole life. I never really wanted to be a Pokemon Agent. And with this serum, I can have the same powers as my Pokemon. And thanks to the Agency, that's ALLOT of power."
I see the syringe on the table nearby as I run for it. I know it's a risky move, and I'd probably never be the same again. But I believe in Houndoom and I and in the friendship we have. So that's what inspires me to run.
But I don't make it very far until I can't move anymore. A feeling I haven't felt in years, but it brings back all those hard memories. I can't stand it, I feel weak. As soon as her hold is let go, I fall to my knees, water dripping on my cheeks.
"You may be a strong agent, but you're weak in real life. I'm going to enjoy this."
I look up to see a truly horrifying sight. But it's the sound that I'll ever forget. That crack of his neck, and the flick of her wrist. In no time flat, he was gone. Selena let's go of her hold on Director Harold, but it's too late.
She goes over to me, and bends down to my level. I could sense the evil in her as much she could sense the fear in me. I don't know what I would've done if Houndoom didn't growl at that moment.
She doesn't budge, "None of your business you mangy mutt." She flicks her wrists to push him away, but it doesn't work. Houndoom growls even louder, fire ready to come out his mouth.
Selena seems only mildly annoyed. She turns to me, "The Pokemon Agency is dead. Be thankful you're not, M." She goes to walk away, but stops. "Oops, or should I say, Miles" She exits, followed by Metagross and her men.
Houndoom comes over to comfort me, but it's no use. I go over to the Directors body, not even able to stand up. Is this the price of my fear?
I feel so angry, how could I have let this happen? I stand up, knowing what I need to do. Houndoom looks worriedly at me, I don't know what to say him. Hey buddy, I'm so weak, but don't worry, I'll force myself to be stronger? No, he deserved the truth. Though I didn't know what that was.
I grab the syringe. I look to Houndoom, who gives a look of compassion and understanding. I can tell what he'd say. I'm okay with this if you feel like you have to. And with that look, the serum went into my arm. My scream perfectly represented how unpleasant it was. But I was never going to feel this weak ever again.