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Miles and Sherrie: The Grass Dragon (Chapter 1: Maybe For Him)

by MikeAllenZ

MikeAllenZ After the funeral for Director Harold, Miles meets his daughter, Sherrie. She's a girl who is now famous across the world for how inspirational she is.

Two weeks later.

The funeral took place on a sunny day, which to me, was exactly the same as a dark night. They said it'd make the event less sad, but I knew better. I know how being sad was important and a necessary evil. But I said nothing. I don't want to talk about how weakness is strength. They'd only try to make me feel better.
I saw a girl from across the way look at me. She stood with a Lucario, standing in the relative spot. I wondered if she was Sherrie, the newest Pokémon Master. But I only paid attention to those directly besides me. Houndoom, Pawniard, and Zweilous. They're the only ones who understand me now.
My arm hurt as they lowered him in. It was the same arm that I stabbed. The pain was in my head, but I was sure Houndoom could feel it too. He puts his snout in between my arm and my body, having my hand be around him. I knew what he was saying.
I put my hand on his head and pet him. That always made us feel calm and at peace. Man, we've been through allot.

I walked away from the grave that day empty. I recalled Pawniard and Zweilous into their Pokéballs and me and Houndoom went on our way. But then I felt a cold metal hand on my shoulder, stopping me. We turned to see that girl with the Lucario from earlier. I now saw her hand, clear as day. It was her. Sherrie.
"You're M aren't you?" She greeted. She didn't seem as energetic as I heard. We both wish we met under different circumstances.
"Yes. But it's Miles now." I'd have to get used to saying that "And you must be Sherrie."
"How'd you guess?" She tried to lighten the mood.
"The robot arm" I didn't mean for that to come out so bluntly. I hope she's not insecure about it.
She paid no mind to it, she had more on her mind "I wish we met earlier. I wish I could've been there."
"Well, you were busy winning the Pokemon League. Congrats, by the way." Who am I to try to cheer her up. I thought
"I would've given it up for him."
"Yea. I understand." I wanted no more of this, I turn to walk away, but Houndoom gets in front of me.
Don't back away from this.
I reluctantly comfort her the best I can. "But that's not what your father would've said" I can tell her intensiveness as I turn around. "He saw you win the final round. So if it makes you feel any better, he died happy. Knowing that you achieved your dream."
"Thank you" I turn to leave, but it seems as though she's not done talking. "Where do you plan on going?" She asked with some sort of emptiness, as if I had the answer.
"I don't know"
"Me neither"
There's a pause. Not so much awkwardness as a need of one to understand the other. Surprisingly, I was the first one to break the silence. "I was thinking of going back to my old region of Geanto."
"Can I come with you?"
She was silent for a moment. I knew her answer. She wanted to be around someone who knew her pain, and she also wanted another journey to go on. A distraction. It must be hard knowing that you achieved your dream on the same day your father died. But she knew what she wanted, but what did I want?

At the nearby Pokémon Center, Houndoom and Lucario sat near us having their favorite brand of Pokémon food. Apparently they share similar tastes. Me and Sherrie talked at a table, having a conversation that could go very well or very poorly.
She started off "So, how did you and Houndoom meet?". It was off-topic, but good enough.
I couldn't tell her everything, but I didn't want to lie. "We met in a dark forest near my home when I was young. He was still a Houndour back then. What about you and Lucario?"
"I saved him from a Pokemon hunter when he was a Riolu. He wanted to be stronger so I promised him that I'd train him to be as strong as he could be. That's kind of what inspired me to be a Pokémon Master."
It sounded like the perfect backstory of a hero. I'm not surprised how strong this girl is. I admired her openness too, something that I don't have too much of. She is a Master, everyone knew her, but I was a Secrete Agent. Being no-one is part of the job description. It's also ironic that she saved Riolu, while Houndour saved me. But one things for sure, both of our first meetings with them shaped who we became. We at least have that kind of love in common.
I look over to Houndoom, who's still next to Lucario. The two of them chatting it up. I couldn't exactly tell what they were saying, but I could feel Houndoom's happiness. I'm glad he found a friend.
I decide to cut to the chase. "So what exactly do you want from me?"
"Well, you wanna go back to Geanto and I want to start a new Pokemon journey."
Where is she going with this?
"Why not come on my journey with me?"
"A Pokémon journey? Me?" This idea seems crazy. What would I gain from a journey?
"I mean, what else would you do. Mope around all day?" She made a point. "We can help each other out"
I look to Houndoom. He's playing with Lucario. Playing. Maybe that's something he's been missing. Maybe for him.
"How about this?" She says. "We can have a Pokémon battle, and if I win you come with me, okay?"
"You're Pokémon MASTER. Plus, it's been forever since I've had a Pokémon battle. Or at least, one for fun." Despite the protest, I'm still debating about it in my head.
She laughs "I'll go easy on you" she tries to coerce me into it, "Come on, Mega Houndoom vs Mega Lucario?"
I'm smart enough to realize that that's a trap. Me and Houndoom haven't had enough practice with Mega Evolution. "Nah, let's have a two on two battle. I'll use my other two. No Mega Evolution for this one, okay."
She seems intrigued, "You have a deal. We just need to find a ref."

[The battle between Pokemon Master Sherrie and Miles from Grimace City is about to begin. Each side will have the use of two Pokémon each. The match will be over when both of one sides Pokémon are unable to continue. Also neither trainer is allowed to substitute Pokémon. Match begin.]
Miles: Pawniard, come on out!
[Miles' Pawniard comes out of its Pokéball.]
Sherrie: If that's where you're going than, Monferno, I choose you.
[Sherrie's Monferno comes out of its Pokéball.]
Miles: Your going for a type advantage. I see.
Sherrie: My father told me about how experienced you are with dark types.
Miles: I wouldn't say that, but I know a thing or two. Pawniard, use Iron Head.
[Pawniard uses Iron Head. It sends Monferno back a few feet with some damage, but not allot.]
Sherrie: Nice try, but Monferno use Mach Punch.
[Monferno uses Mach Punch, which sends Pawniard flying. But Pawniard lands on its feet.]
Sherrie: Woah. That Pawniard of yours is skilled. That's super effective against it. But it won't last another hit. Use Flame Wheel.
Miles: Don't let it hit you Pawniard!
[Pawniard dodges Monferno's attack.]
Sherrie: Try again!
[Monferno keeps using Flame Wheel to try and hit Pawniard, but it keeps dodging.]
Miles: Pawniard use Cut.
Sherrie: It's too fast. Wait for it to attack and then use Blaze Kick.
[Both Pokémon avoid each others attacks.]
Miles: Pawniard, use Thunder Wave.
[A jolt of electricity goes through Monferno, making it unable to move.]
Sherrie: What!
Miles: I bet you didn't know Pawniard knew that move. I noticed how all of your attacks require Monferno to move. But now it can't do that.
Sherrie: I see.
Miles: Pawniard, keep using Cut.
[Pawniard keeps attacking Monferno with cut, ending up with Monferno being taken out.
Monferno is unable to battle. Which means Pawniard is the winner.]
Sherrie: Good job, Monferno. Take a nice rest.
[Sherrie recalls Monferno]
Miles: I guess I'm not as bad as I thought. You should never judge a book by its cover.
Sherrie: I see that now. But you're not going to have much luck with this next Pokémon. Drilbur, I choose you.
[Sherrie calls out her Drilbur.]
Miles: Pawniard, use Night Slash!
Sherrie: Double Team!
[Pawniard goes to use Night Slash, but Drilbur's Double Team makes it hard for it to know which Drilbur is the real thing.]
Sherrie: Use Dig!
[Each version of Drilbur digs underground, one of them arises from underground and attacks Pawniard, knocking him out.
Pawniard is unable to battle, which means Drilbur is the winner.]
Miles: Good job, Pawniard. Thank you very much.
[Miles recalls Pawniard.]
Sherrie: You ready?
Miles: You know, I think I am. Zweilous, come on out.
[Miles calls out his Zweilous.]
Miles: Zweilous, use Crunch!
[Zweilous goes to use crunch, but Drilbur dodges.]
Sherrie: Double Team!
[Drilbur uses double team to appear to be all around Zweilous.]
Miles: Zweilous, use your two heads to make a 360 degree Dragon Pulse.
[Zweilous uses Dragon Pulse quickly to find out which one is Drilbur, and ends up hitting it, knocking it over.]
Sherrie: Drilbur! [Drilbur gets up] Are you still able to battle. [Drilbur nods.] Great! Use Dig!
[Drilbur uses Dig that sends Zweilous back. But able to get up]
Shellie: Rapid Spin.
[Drilbur spins and flies into Zweilous, causing damage.]
Miles: Zweilous, use Crunch with both heads to get it off.
[Both of its heads use crunch, but it doesn't work.]
Miles: Then use Dragon Breath.
[Zweilous uses Dragon Breath, which sends Drilbur flying off of it, but not before delivering allot of damage to Zweilous. Both Pokemon end up falling.
Both Drilbur and Zweilous are unable to battle, which means the match is a tie.]

I grab out my Pokéball and recall Zweilous. "Thanks Zweilous. That was amazing." I guess I'm not that bad at this. I just tied with a master. I go over to Sherrie after she recalls Drilbur and shake her hand. "So now what?" I ask
She looks kind of awkward, scratching her head. "You don't have to come with me if you don't want to."
"But, you know what, I think I want to." I was sincerely honest.
"Rely?" Her face lightened up.
"I've never been on a Pokémon journey before. It's time I changed what I missed out on." I look to Houndoom. "Plus, Houndoom and Lucario seem get along very well."
I can tell she noticed too. "Yea. They do."
"And right now we both need each other" I added. She nodded in agreement. We were both in need of a friend.
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