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The Grand Knight: The Grand Knight Chapter 2: Abandoned By The World

by Ristopher

Ristopher Chapter 2 of my story about Knights and Hedgehogs
Place: Knight Valley
"Sir Zetsubō do you think it was right for us to retreat?!", asked the goon "What do you mean?!", replied Zetsubō. And they continued riding their horses and making way for the bad into the world....

Place: West Knight Valley
"Well I ran 12 miles and I still don't see those goons!", said Ris. He then continued running and finally he saw them in a hideout! "Aha there you are! You coward Knights!", yelled Ris and then Zetsubō turned around.

Place: Danger Area
"Mock me now Rat but in the future you will regret it! I will save this pathetic world!", yelled Zetsubō. Ris did the cuckoo sign at Zetsubō, "What does that mean Rat?! I will destroy you!", yelled the angry knight. Ris started laughing, and Zetsubō got even more angrier. "I wish I had the chance to crush your skull rat but I have a job to do", Zetsubō yelled "Lady Trista stop him for me right now!", ordered Zetsubō. "With pleasure Master I'll tear this ratcake to shreds!, yelled Trista. They then left leaving Trista with Ris, "What are you supposed to be? A ferret?", asked Ris."Laugh now RatCake I'll be having you as dessert!", said Trista. She then ran to the other side of the hill. "Man what's with people running away?", whined Ris. He then ran after her over the hills.

Place: Danger Area Forbidden Land
When Ris looked at what's over the hill he was shocked. There were a ton of Sharp mountains, trees, rocks, and more dangerous stuff. "Well this is the Knight Land I better use the sword!", said Ris. Ris then started running at full speed slashing anything that was in his way! Enormous Boulders started falling down and it was hard to dodge when at least 2 were falling down! He finally was relived when he saw no more trees or rocks which probably ment its the way out!

Place: Danger Area Exit
"Yoo Hoo! Crazy Ferret Girl!", yelled Ris "You here? I wanna see your boss!". Then out of nowhere a small dagger appears! "Whoa where did that come from?!", questioned Ris. Suddenly more daggers flew in Ris's direction! Each and everyone of them he dodged in a flash. "Where are these daggers coming from?!",yelled Ris. Then Trista came and delivered a surprise attack! "Take that you mean Hedgehog!", She said, She then pulled out two swords and challenges Ris. "OK if you say so!", said Ris, then he pulled out his Silver Sword. The two knights fought but Ris proved to be a challenge for Trista when she started getting tired. She finally gave out when fighting for a long time. "That's it Hedgehog kill me I have nothing to defend myself with", she said. Ris then put his sword away and offered to help Trista up. But then she caught him off guard and kicked him in the face. "OUCH!", yelled Ris "My face". Trista ran when Ris was distracted. But when she was running she couldn't help but think "Why didn't he kill me?"

End Of Chapter 2

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