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The Grand Knight: The Grand Knight Chapter 1: Like Father Like Son

by Ristopher

Ristopher Chapter 1 of the new series about Knights and Hedgehogs
In the world of many strange and weird things there was a hedgehog where he dreams of becoming a hero just like the famous Blue Hedgehog but today seemed like his dream is about to come true......

"Man im so bored", Ris said with a one hand a wooden sword and the other a wooded shield. His name is Ristopher but you can call him Ris, He's what you call a " regular guy" but that's about to change. The Green Hills has been a quiet place since Sonic has defeated Robotnik back in 1991 but this is 20XX where everything has changed, life has gotten boring very quick and Sonic and his friends now live in Emerald City about 60 miles from here. "Maybe I'll take a quick nap", I say, then I lay down and fall asleep.

Year:1378 Place: Knight Valley
*huff* *puff* "I'll never give this sword to you!", said ???. It seemed like the young man was being chased by a Black Knight and his army. "Hahahaa your efforts are pitiful just give up and hand me that sword!". The man was cornered by the army of knights, "Hand me the sword now!", yelled the Black Knight. " No! This sword is for my father who will smite ye!", yelled the man, "That old fool? Don't make me laugh!", said The Black Knight "No mortal shall smite Sir Zetsubō!. All the Knights started laughing and then pointed their swords at the poor man. " I really wish I didn't have to bother Sir Espoir but...", said the man "Espoir the Light Man?", asked Zetsubō ("I'll have the chance to kill him if he calls him"). "Bring him I'll stop him as well!", demanded Zetsubō " Your fate Zetsubō!", yelled the Man. Then the man held up the sword and light shined to the sky!

Place:Green Hill Zone Year:20XX
The ground started to shake where Ris was sleeping. "What the?!", Ris said, soon light started to fill the sky around him and he started to run. "No no no no creepy light means creepy things!", he said and the light started to chase him and finally it grabbed him. "Ack! Let me go you freaky light!", he demanded but the light didn't listen and it pulled him into a white portal.....

Place:Knight Valley
The light dumped Ris in a river in what seemed medieval times. "Ugh my head", whined Ris shoving dirt off his sweater. He then walked around trying to find someone to help him find directions. "This place is weird... where is all the flashing buildings and robots walking around?", he asked to himself while traveling the dried out and dusty land. He then sees a group of strangely dressed men on horses, "Uh hello??", he asked " Who are you?!" yelled Zetsubō. "Whoa chill out Robot", said Ris "How dare you insult me rodent!",said Zetsubō "You'll be mince meat!". Zetsubō then pointed his sword at Ris, "Whoa swords I haven't seen people use swords!", said Ris. Ris then took his Wooden sword out, "Muhahaha look at this pathetic worm!", laughed Zetsubō. "Hold on I got another", said Ris then he took out a silver sword! Everyone was quiet once they saw that sword, ("The Silver Sword of the Silver Hero!"), thought Zetsubō. ("Could that rodent be the Silver Hero?"), thought the man. Ris looked at everyone with a confused look, "What do I have something on my face?", He asked, WHOOOSH Zetsubō took a slash at Ris but Ris quickly dodged it! "Your Finished Silver Hero!", Zetsubō yelled ("Like his father he's as fast to dodge attacks!"), Zetsubō thought. "Ok man if its a sword fight you want its what you get!", Ris yelled. While the man was distracted one of Zetsubō's Goons snatched the sword and ran off! "Zetsubō let's go we have the sword!", yelled the goons, "I'll kill you later mouse!, said Zetsubō. They started to run away, "No the sword! The Princess will be mad!", cried the Man, "Princess? Swords? Knights?.....uh oh", said Ris. Then Ris ran and followed Zetsubō and his goons. " He's just as fast as his father! He has the be the Silver Knight!", said the Man........


Song that inspired me to write this series
  1. ~Blaze~
    Aug 20, 2015
  2. Deslo
    Aug 20, 2015