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The Good Pokemon And The Twisted...

by WolfyPop

WolfyPop Hello everyone! if you want to have a character in this, tell me by putting Name, Species, Gender, Likes, Dislikes and Personality and the Colour of the gem stone in your chest and also what it stands for, if I approve you will be in. Also, any requests for the story MAY be accepted. Hope You Enjoy!
Once there were 8 pokemon and their job to protect all, human or pokemon, from the Twisted people and pokemon, was given to them by the one and only Arceus. But story-tellers only knew 3 of them, a female Mightyena, a male Persian and a female Sawsbuck, nobody had seen the other 5, but they wanted to meet them. You can tell if a pokemon is one of the 8 warriors by looking at their chest.. there should be a gem there. Each one describes their personality. The Mightyena has a dark blue one, standing for her calm but serious personality, the Persian, one with a blood red gem, has a deadly personality whilst the Sawsbuck has a caring clear white gem.

Akela walked through the forest, carefully trying not to step on any Joltik or Caterpie. She came to a huge field with a fire in the middle and a huge tree, surrounded by 8 huts and next to the tree, around the middle, were seats made out of logs. Sitting on the seats were Scar the Persian and Myth the Sawsbuck, Akela went up to them, bowing in respect, "Hello, fellow warriors" She greeted. "Hey, BUDDY!" Scar said creepily. "You're back, good" Myth responded, "I had to deal with HIM while you were gone.." She glared at the cat, who innocently pawed at a leaf. Akela put down the berries she helped a Tailow pick. "The Tailow I helped let me keep some of the berries" She explained. "Nice, LET'S EAT!" Scar hissed. "For once I agree with him, let's eat" Myth said.

As the 3 were eating some berries, the did not know something was happening....
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  1. Cloudswift
    Name: Anya
    Species: Sylveon
    Likes: Kindness, loyalty, fighting spirit, trustworthiness
    Dislikes: Bullies that pick on weaker pokemon, seeing innocent pokemon get hurt
    Personality: headstrong, loyal, kind
    Gem color: Yellow
    What it stands for: Loyalty
    Love interests: N/A
    Oct 23, 2016
  2. Ariados twice
    Ariados twice
    Name: Aurora
    Species: Lucario
    Gender: Female
    Likes: Berries, friendship, loyalty.
    Dislikes: Bullies, evil Pokémon, rudeness, disrespect.
    Personality: Kind, brave, curious.
    Gem color: Orange
    What it stands for: Brave personality
    Love interests: None yet.
    Oct 22, 2016
  3. WolfyPop
    The Ringmaster and Losnar are both accepted
    Oct 6, 2016
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  4. Losnar
    My form is here
    Name Stormgale
    Gender Male
    Species Staraptor
    Daily Life stays home in case ofattacking any one by accident
    Good, Bully, Insane he is completely insane
    Love Interests other birds
    Oct 6, 2016
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  5. Il Fantasma
    Il Fantasma
    Here's my form!
    I guess I could make this character from the Summer's Break thread wild. Why not, right?
    Name: Naya
    Gender: female
    Species: Persian
    Daily Life: Naya typically doesn't do much. Whenever she can, she loves to dance as if she were in a Pokemon Showcase, which is where she dreams of being one day.
    Good/Bully/Insane: 100% good, but not a goody-two-shoes, y'know?
    Love Interests: Um... Maybe one? She seems to go for four-legged, lighter-furred/skinned/haired Pokemon, though.
    Oh, and she wears a flower crown. >w<
    Oct 6, 2016