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The Gang

by Ry_Burst

Ry_Burst Okay, folks, my official OC team. Enjoy, cause I'm going to be using these guys often.
Name: Riley
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Riley has green eyes, pale skin, that is covered in freckles, reddish brown hair, and crooked wire frame glasses. His hair is shaggy, and about 4" long. Tucked behind his right ear, is a old pencil. He wears a white t-shirt with an open red and white, plaid button up over it. He wears blue jeans, and stands at about 5'11". He also wears red converse sneakers.
Personality: Riley is a gamer, goofball, scapegoat, and unusual teenage boy. He often does something goofy, with little care how it makes him look. He wants the best for his team, but is often tricked by Max's schemes. He loves to make people laugh and often makes jokes.

Main Pokémon
Name: Max
Species: Totodile
Gender: Male
Appearance: Max is a normal Totodile. Green eyes, blue skin, white teeth, big jaws. However, he also wears a black Rambo style headband .
Personality: Max is a hungry, milkshake loving, goofball who often makes schemes to get what he wants which is normally something like food.

Name: Munchy
Species: Munchlax
Gender: Male
Appearance: Munchy is a standard Munchlax, except he is a slight bit thinner and more athletic, due to his less hungry nature. He has a tan satchel that he always has to store important items, making him a pretty prepared guy.
Personality: Munchy is best classified as the gang's dosage of common sense. He doesn't have the appetite that Munchlax are accustomed to have and is very smart. He plans things out and prepares to face problems into charging blindly, unlike a few others in the gang.

Name: Achilles
Species: Heracross
Gender: Male
Appearance: Achilles looks like a normal Heracross physically, if you ignore the multitude of scars across his horn, and on his limbs. His hands are wrapped tightly with white bandages. He also wears a pair of aviator shades, to look cool.
Personality: Achilles is a ladies man, cool guy, and overall superstar. He's a solid fighter, with a pretty solid winning streak. He has is reckless and often gets into fights mainly for the sake of getting into fights.

Name: Kenzie
Species: Glaceon
Gender: Female
Appearance: Normal looking Glaceon, except she has a thinner figure and wears a pink bow on her head.
Personality: Kenzie is stuck up and has a huge ego. She thinks she's better than everyone else and hates getting dirty. She expects everything to be handed to her on a silver platter.

Name: Gem
Species: Clefairy
Gender: Female
Appearance: Clefairy is very much physically to the average Clefairy. However, Gem wears a crescent shaped piece of stone, as a necklace around her neck.
Personality: She is the shipper of the group. She notices any possible relationships, and yeah, downhill from there. She is a total airhead, but is smarter then it seems.

Name: Tyke
Species: Tyrouge
Gender: Male
Appearance: Smaller than the average Tyrouge. He is smaller and his voice is a higher pitch.
Personality: Tyke is the baby of the group. He's not only the youngest, but also, even more gullible than Riley. Tyke often follows around someone, and that person is normally either Riley or Max. He's very resilient, but he has abandonment issues.


Riley: Hey guys, what's up? My name is Riley.
Max: Mmmm, milkshakes. Oh wait hi. I'm Max, so where's that food?
Munchy: Seriously Max. Smile and wave. Oh, my name is a Munchy by the way.
Achilles: Hello, ladies. My name is Achilles and ladies love me. You're welcome.
Kenzie: Kenzie, now shut up and go away.
Gem: I'm Gem. I'm the captain of my ships and I decide if they sink or float.
Tyke: ........ um, Tyke. Hi.