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Gang series 1: The gang

by GhostTrainerM

GhostTrainerM The gang are M's Team in this story it will show lots about them!
M and her gang was trying to spot the 8th Gym, Shadow (Her gengar) had spotted a red light "(??? Whispering: Hey Lorie (gliscor) whats that light?)" Lorie turns around " ( oh shoot,)" "COR GLIS! GLIS! GLISCOR!" He shouted to M "Hm?" She turns around " Oh no, Everyone run or return!" It was Team Rocket. Mostly every ghost type she had flew but poor Quillo (Quilladin) He was tired badly, his legs couldn't take him much longer. So M picked him up and carried him to safety. "THERE, THERES THAT GIRL AND HER POKEMON!" A team rocket grump shouted. "After her," the boss of team rocket said. "Everyone return!" M quickly returned all of her Pokemon. Finding a bush, she quickly got in it. " Hopefully we're safe," "We've lost her, boss." "Keep looking, she'll get tired of hiding and come out soon."
"I hope so," Meowth said right behind Jesse and James. Suddenly, team R got next to the bush. "I know that girl, she hides in bushes in danger." "Persian go, look for M" "I can hear them" M whispered. "I heard something--!" A Team R grump shouted.

PART 2 soon!