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Gang series 1: The gang short story-2 " Transformation"

by GhostTrainerM

GhostTrainerM Another part of my series!
Persian had found M. "Pers...Persian." "We found her, great job Persian. Come back."
"Nuuuu" M said in a moody voice. "Oh hello M," he had picked her up by her cap. "What do you want," M said in the same voice as before. "Oh I want nothing," He said. "Why are you after me then?" "For revenge, so you cannot stop my team." "How are you going to do that then?" "With this." He pulls out a special bracelet and put it on M. "Aaaaand what's this gonna do?" "You'll see or should I say feel." "Wha---" She felt her hand turn fluffy and then paws. "Huh?!" Her legs turned into fluffy legs and her feet into paws. "I have a bad feeling about this." "Is she turning into a Pokemon?" Jessie asked James and meowth. "I think." James said back to her. Suddenly her body went like she was crawling. She shrunk. Her torso became a tiny bit thinner and more fluffy. "???" M was confused. Well not really because she knew Team Rocket was bad. Her face became fluffy, her cap was too big for her and her eyes became anime-ish her human ears went and then at the top of her head she had rabbit like ears. She was a brown fluffy colour and had a furry coat over her neck and she had a very fluffy tail now. She tried to talk but all that came out was "Eevee Evoii!"
"Ha, cute. I'm gonna keep you and nickname you, Jill." "Eevee???!!" " And I'll take your Pokemon." "EEEVEEEEE!!!" "You'll probably be good in battle, and your level is very good. So far your moves are amazing." "Who would you like to evolve into? Oh wait you can't talk. I think I'll evolve you into.....a sylveon, glaceon or a leafeon. Probably a sylveon." "Eevee.."
"Does anyone in my team have a hypo or drowzee? I need to hipnotize her to make her think I'm her trainer." "YES! I have a hypno, master." "EEVEE???!!!!" "Okay sit Jill on a seat and use your hypno to hypnotize her," "okay master." He does what jeovonne says. Eevee was asleep forgetting everything but thinking jeovonne was her trainer. And she wakes up. "Eevee." She was excited and jumped up at jeovonne happily. "Eevee!!!" "It worked," He said. "She's my Eevee now. But I will not put her in a pokeball," he replaces her pokeball cap with a Black cap with a R sign on it. He put a collar just in between her fluffy coat and her head and it was was black and spikey on the outside and had a R on it again. "Eevee!!" She meant she loved it. And she loved being with jeovonne (because hypnotized.) "Eevee!" She went to play with Meowth." "Uhh..." Meowth said nervously. "Eevee!" "Ya wanna play with me? Then ok!" "Are you sure Meowth?" Jessie said. "Yeah! If a team rocket member wants to play with me then okay!" They begin to play with each other. "This is fun," Meowth said happily. They had been playing for a few minutes. Jeovonne called Eevee back. She ran back to him. "Would you like to evolve now? Into sylveon?" She nodded. Okay then. He had evolved her. "Sylve! Eon!" Veeeon!" "You can come on my lap." She jumped on his lap. "Sylveon.." She fell asleep on his lap. "Veon.." Meowth starts to blush. "Oh my gosh she got even cuter when she evolved." He whispered to himself.

Part 3 soon!