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Gang series 1: The gang-part 5- "Trapped."

by GhostTrainerM

GhostTrainerM What will happen will Jeovonne find Nima? Will she be safe. Read on!
Nima had no idea what she could do. She was scared. She wanted to save the Zoroua but she couldn't move because of the people. Suddenly, the man opened the door where Nima was. "Come out, Zoroark. But slowly otherwise the little ones gone. She walked out following the man slowly. "Hello." A voice said mysteriously. "Zor..Zoroark?" She was scared of that man. "I won't hurt you. All you need to do is complete something." "Zoroark!" She jumped out the building running back to jeovonne. "Zoro!!" She had made it back to where he was. Something bad had happened. Not bad bad but, jealous bad. She saw Charlotte on his lap. She called for him. "Zoro, ARK!!" She screamed "Hello, Nima. I see you're back. Too late now. I have better Pokemon." "Nite!" Tom picked Nima up And put her on his back and flew away and with Charlotte, Joanna and Charlie. "Come back!" Jeovonne shouted. They all giggled. Before they had flew away Nima grabbed Meowth's hand and pulled him on. "Eh?" Meowth said confused. "Zoroark. Zoro. Ark." "No Pokemon left behind?" Meowth guessed.