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Gang series 1: The gang-part 4 "Angrier"

by GhostTrainerM

GhostTrainerM Something happens to Nima..
"ark." She wasn't facing anyone else. Suddenly.. She mad a huge hole in the wall of the base. "Zoroark!" She jumped out. "Get it!" Jeovonne ordered everyone. She was too fast for everyone, she had got out and hid. "Fenne?" Charlotte said confused, "Charlotte use flamethrower and Tom use Dragon Rage." Jeovonne said. Nima giggled. She turned into a suicune for a bit wrecking the whole town. "There she is. She's doing good. Good girl"Jeovonne said like Nima could hear him. Nima turned to her normal form. She was suddenly in a net. "Zoroark!" She screamed. "Gotcha." A evil voice said. "Zoro!" She had fainted. The person took Nima somewhere. He took the net off her. He turned a little tv on. Showing a little zorua in a prison like thing. "Zoroark!!" She screamed. "If I or the boss here a word from you, this little ones gone for." The mean person said.

PART 5 SOON! Sorry this was short.