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Gang series 1: The gang- part 3 "jealousy"

by GhostTrainerM

GhostTrainerM Does M become jealous of something? Read on to find out.
Jill (M) was laying on jeovonne's lap waking up a little. "Veon...?" She had got out of the hypnotization. "Sylveon!!!" She shouted loudly. She shook her cap off and took her collar off. "Grr.." She growled angrily. "Use the hypno again!" Jeovonne ordered the grump that had the hypno. "Okay, Sir!" The grump sent out his hypno. "Veon!" She used her attacks everything missed. "Hyp...no.." The hypno used physic quickly while Jill was in the same place. It didn't miss. "Veon.." She had fell asleep again. It was still a few minutes till she had woke up. "Veon..." She wasn't hypnotized, she quickly tried to escape. "Veon!" She nearly got away. Jeovonne grabbed her, "maybe a different Pokemon she could turn into... Maybe a zoroark. Hand me a black Pokemon bracelet." Jeovonne said. And i'll change her nickname to Nima." He said once again. Jessie passed him the bracelet. "???" M was scared, she wasn't sure what it would be like turning into another Pokemon, the transformation happend again but this time, to Zoroark. "Zoro..?" She said looking at herself. The same height as Jessie and James. "Look for more trainers, I know four. Serena, Ash, Bonnie and Clemont." He said. Zoroark was hypnotized anyway during the transformation. They had found the four trainers. "Hello." Jeovonne said. "It's you." Ash said bravely and angrily. Jeovonne had put a bracelet on Ash for a Dragonite. One on Serena for a Fennekin for Bonnie a Azurmirul. And Clemont a Raichu. They had all been transorfomed and hypnotized. "Zoro..." Nima became jealous. She had turned away from everyone. "Azur?" Bonnie said. "I'll nickname you.. Joanna." Jeovonne had said to Bonnie. "And I'll nickname you..Charlotte." He said to Serena. "I'll nickname you Charlie," he said to Clemont. And last but not least he said to Ash: "I'll nickname you Tom." Jeovonne said.

Part 4 soon!