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Pokemon Daria's Adventures: The Flying Of Flashy

by JC111414

JC111414 Daria and Irma finally made it to Brown-Light Town where the third badge is. Will Daria win or fall to defeat because of Lairon
We got out of Wheelieville Town. We chose to take the Wheelie Bridge. The bridge was long and sturdy. I heard from a Tourist that the bridge was constructed hundreds of years ago to unite a small island with Whelieville Town. That small island is now considered Brown-Light Town. The other island is naturally connected by Route 115 and is to the east of Whelieville Town. I saw Mudkip in the Bridge and decide to battle it and he agreed with me. I sent out my Tepig to use Tackle but Mudkip outsped and used Bubbles which quickly defeated Tepig. I sent out Treecko and used Absorb which did a load of damage but Mudkip used Ice Beam and Treecko also fainted.
"How is he doing that?" I asked Irma.
"That is a strong pokemon." She said. Eventually Mudkip ran away. We continue and made it to Brown-Light Town where the 3rd gym was held accroding to Pokenav v.5. I healed up and went straight to the gym. I met with Flashy, the gym leader. He sent out Pidgeotto and I sent out Treecko. Treecko used Absorb which did a little but Gust ended up fainting my Treecko. I sent out Tepig and used Ember. Pidgeotto fainted after a few Embers. He then sent out Swellow and used Wing Attack and ended up defeating my Tepig. I sent out Electrike and used spark to take care of Swellow. He sent out Staraptor and defeated Electrike with Close Combat. I then lost to Flashy. I ran towards the Bridge. I cannot believe Lairon doesn't trust me. That's why I decided to stop using for a few days. But I need him against Flashy. Kenta came by and showed me his shiny new badge and kept walking back. I decided to give it a try. I opened the door. I chose my three pokemon and the battle commerce...