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The Flareon Queen: The Flareon Queen- Chapter 1

by TrappedNutCase

TrappedNutCase The Flareon Queen- Ch. 1

Flarey opened her green eyes. The young Eevee yawned and stood up, her soft brown fur sticking up here and there. She squinted towards the window and saw it was early morning. Streching, the princess hopped out of her bed and towards the door, into the bathroom. She opened the door with her paw, and padded into the cold room. She started a bath and hopped in. If it were up to her parents, her maids would prepare her bath, but Flarey put her paw down when she turned eleven, about five years ago. It was actually her birthday, her sixteenth birthday, which ment, she was going to evolve. In the royal family, at the age of sixteen every royal is given their kingdom's stone and evolves, in her case she had to be a Flareon.

She sighed as she washed her fur. "Today I'm evolve, and at the age of eighteen, marriage proposals, and then queen." She said to herself, and got out of the bath. Shaking the water from her fur, she grabbed a towel and started drying her body. Her light brown, and cream fur gleemed in the sun th st filtered in.

Grabbing a brush, she started brushing her fur until it was shiny, and luscious. After her fur was done she walked back into her room and grabbed a silver tiara. The tiara was a round silver hoop that could be placed on her head. Around the band bright red gems were placed.

"Princess Flarey are you awake?" The voice of the head maid, Virgo, came from the other side of the door.

"Yes I am." Flarey spoke strongly. "I am on my way out."

"Alright, your breakfast is ready." Virgo called.

Flarey heard her walk away and sighed. "I just want to be an ordinary Pokemon." She sighed and straightened her posture, and put on a fake, gentle smile, as she was taught.

She walked down the stairs and into the dining room where her parents, and other high ranking Flareon sat. The dining room was a large room with gold and tan flooring that gleemed. The walls were lined white with pillars that reached the roof.

"The girl of the day!" Her father greeted. "Hello Flarey, I trust your sleep was well."

"Yes father my sleep was fine. Thank you for asking, how was yours." She answered politely.

"I slept well." He sat back down. "Now, come join us for our morning meal, and then your evolution can be under way."

Flarey nodded and did as told. She sat down in her seat and waited before everyone started eating. After the morning meal they all moved to the throne room. The throne room was simular but in the far back wall was a small stage where two thrones sat. The king and queen sat in the thrones and the notably Sat facing towards them. Flarey sat in front of the thrones, her back towards them.

"On this day, the princess of the Flareon Kingdom turns sixteen." Her father said loudly and her mother walked forward with a Fire Stone. "Like our ancestors, Flarey has reached the age of evolution. Flarey, set your right paw on the stone."

Flarey did as told, and sucked in a breath. Flarey's body started to glow a bright blue. Her ears grew a bit more, along with the ring of fluff around her neck. Her tail became fluffy, and on her head grew a patch of fuzz as well. When the glow died down her soft brown fur was replaced with bright red-orange fur and the once light tan fluff was then a bright yellow fluff. The only thing, appearance wise, that was the same was her forest green eyes.

'So that's it...I'm never going to be my own person.' She thought to herself.
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