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the fire Shaymin BTW it's kind of based off ofIsle of Fire put on the grass type you still like me r

by Shiny mew 247

Shiny mew 247 Its cute but Might have spelling mistakes I'm a really bad speller so I use Voice text And voice text really doesn't work
You know that old story about Shaymin I told you Well I kinda know how to continue itI'm doingOkay soShayminKind of got signed by Charmander and Charmander thought she was beautiful And they hang out together a lot And well let's just say that the tree they met up At Is now called The Love tree Anywho They became the best of friends and visit each other every single day But their moms and dads were worried that that each other would get caught up in Each other And Shaman's parents Would have fire brothers and sisters So after they figured out that they've been playing with each other Grounded each of them For two yearsAnd After the two years they still love each other So they met up I got grounded again and again and again And again Finally they had enough Charmander got shame in our front window and they ran away together into the forest To be together forever

TO BE Continued..

So do you like it ;3

This book was inspired by Romeo and Juliet and I love fire types but I'm a grass-type you still like me though right