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The Fiddler's Melody: An Emerald Nuzlocke Ch. 1

by Master of Stratos

Master of Stratos Chapter 1: I am a Crystal Gem
Our story begins deep in the forest, where a large, white truck is rolling down a dirt road towards a quaint little village called Littleroot Town. The driver was a burly Vigoroth and on the side of the truck was a Zigzagoon going through a hoop for its Trainer. Just above that was the company title: U-Haul Hoenn Division. In the back was all the furniture and boxes the movers needed to move; along with a boy who was having some trouble keeping still whilst the truck was moving. The truck barreled across the countryside, the boy bumping around the back like a victim of Kinesis. Why was it so hard to keep still, you ask?

Well, Vigoroths don't like staying still and well....the Vigoroth was howling and jumping more than an attention-deficit jumping bean. "Yeah, *hoot, hoot, hoot!* but at least I look good doing it!" the Vigoroth screeched, continuing to drive down the path, scaring innocent Pokemon in its path. Mercifully, about a hour later, the truck came to a stop and opened the door. Unfortunately, this forced the boy to fly out the truck due to the force of the stop. He collided with a nearby neighbor. She was a tall girl with a red bandanna, jacket and skirt, each with a pokeball as a symbol.

They both fell to the ground near the door of her house. "Hey! Watch where you're flying!" said the girl. "Sorry, Vigoroth at the wheel, you know." the boy said, dusting himself off and helping the girl up. "It's okay, U-Haul really needs to update its management from Vigoroths to something that won't break the furniture. Anyway, I'm May." the girl said, smiling. "I'm Louis; Louis O'Leary." the boy said.

May stepped back a foot to get a better look at Louis. He was roughly 5 feet tall, wearing a stormy grey fedora, a black leather jacket with a violin lapel, Hawaiian shirt-style shorts and blue suede shoes. "What's with the Elvis Presley getup?" asked May. Louis looks down at this attire. "Oh, this? It's my old clothes. I was going through a phase before moving and had a bizarre need to look like a rejected Grease character." he finally replied.

"Louis! Come here, you can play with your new friend later! Right now you need to fix your clock!" called Louis's mother. "Clocks outweigh new connections?" asked May. "Don't ask, it's a bizarre obsession she has with clocks." Louis said. He walks back to his new house, where the Vigoroths are just about done hooting whilst working. "Oh good, you're here!" his mother said. "Go set your clock so that we can watch your dad on TV."

"Can't we do that either way?" asked Louis. His mother just glares at him, Louis walking backwards, up the stairs. He shudders as he goes up to his room. "I HATE when she does that!" he mutters as he sets the clock. He goes downstairs to find the TV already on.

"So much for watching together..." mumbled Louis. "Hey, mom! Did my violin survive the trip?" he called. "Honey, you know I'd never let anything happen to that." she replies. She hands him a violin case, which he opens to reveal a teal violin with a red bow. He starts practicing by playing the Route 101 theme, which catches attention of May.

She hums along with the melody outside the house, beckoning Louis to join her. The two dance around the town for a little while when May stops in her tracks. "Something wrong?" asked Louis. "I just remembered, I need to help Professor Birch!" she said. She rushed off, Louis in hot pursuit. He stops when he hears someone screeching, "HELP!"

Feeling a sense of main character within him, he runs towards the cries to find none other than Professor Birch being chased by a Zigzagoon! Nearby, a bag with three pokeballs in it was lying on the ground. Thinking quickly, he rushed to the bag and picked a random pokeball. Throwing it, he sees it's a Torchic with its feathers turned into a black afro and wearing magenta sunglasses. "Greetings." the Torchic says to Louis.

"Er, hi. I assume you'll help me stop that Zigzagoon?" "What else are guardians for?" she replies. "Guardians?" "I will explain later." said the Torchic. "Right now...take THIS!" Her feet turned into two magenta fists and...honestly I'm not sure what to call it; kicking? Punching? Kick-punching, maybe? I don't know.

Regardless, it hurts the Zigzagoon and forces it to collide with a nearby tree. "Garnet wins." the Torchic said. "Garnet?" asked Louis. "Yes, that is my name." Garnet said. She smiles as she returns to Louis.

Professor Birch runs over and bear-hugs Louis, happy for being rescued. "Thank you, dear boy! You saved me from a fate worse than ridicule!" Professor Birch said, patting Louis on the back. "Eh, don't you mean worse than death?" questioned Louis. "I wouldn't go that far." Birch replies. "I see Garnet here's taken a liking to you."

"Oh, the Torchic? Yeah, I admit she's grown on me. Plus she has a great British accent." Louis said, blushing. "Then you won't mind keeping her?" asked Professor Birch. "Pardon?" "You see, Garnet here is one of the three Guardian Starters; alongside Treecko and Mudkip. The other two I've given off except for Garnet, oddly enough." Birch explained. "Okay, but what does this have to do with me?" asked Louis.

"Well, Garnet here wanted to wait for someone special to work with, and based on your attire, you more than qualify!" Birch said with a chuckle. "So, I'm entrusting you with her. Who knows, maybe you'll beat the Elite Four!" This proved to be a bit of an overflow of excess plot, so he retreats back to his house to tell his mother. "Wow, talk about an adventure!" his mom exclaims. "You certainly have a task ahead of you! But, I have faith that you will do great; which is more than I can say for your deadbeat dad..." She goes into another rooms and mutters in a fit of rage, and for the sake of censorship, I won't repeat it.
Nevertheless, he goes to the Professor's lab to talk to Birch. The lab was as white as a Beartic's back and was more cold than a nudist being chilled by an Articuno. Not getting that little image out of your head now, am I? Louis cringes at the possibility and puts his hand up. "Please..just get on with it." he says slowly.

Alright, after a small conversation about the responsibilities of being a Trainer, Birch- "If you don't mind, I can talk for myself." said Professor Birch. Sorry. "Anyway, like I was saying, I suggest you check up on my daughter, May. She's been gone for a while now and needs to report on her findings." "Sure thing." said Louis.

"Come on, Garnet." She jumps and rides on Louis's fedora and the two begin their search for May.

*To be continued....*
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