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The Falling Forest

by NightRaven

NightRaven (Alright, now for an explanation as to why this exists; well, I was listening to some music that made me think of what happens here. I didn't want to lose inspiration for creating this nor did I want to lose my memory of it. What's going on; Basically, the Dark Forest is rising once again and a new battle has come by. Raven will be part of this story, but other than that, it's just another normal Warriors story; except, the whole forest is slowly dying.)

"Shadows are rising once more in a blazing storm...the stars are dying as is the forest and blood will drown out all..."

The forest had been fine over the past moons, but that has soon changed; Raven, still only a warrior in ShadowClan, has recieved a warning that hints at the forest and it's destruction. She hasn't a clue what's going on, until the very end. The Dark Forest is quickly rising again, and Raven knows what she must do.
(I'm just going to skip the allegiances...)
A black cat swiftly padded through the forest by Moon-high. Her blue eyes were cast down to the ground, and nervousness pricked her like thorns. Something dangerous was coming. The forest could potentially be destroyed, and StarClan knows what'll happen to the warrior Clans. She finally returned to ShadowClan's camp.
She rushed towards the medicine cat den, waking up Willowflame and her apprentice, Mossfang. "What in StarClan's name," Willowflame growled. "Nightraven? What are you doing here?"
"No time to explain," Nightraven meowed quickly. "We must prepare." Willowflame tilted her head, confused at the lithe black cat's fear. "I've recieved a message from StarClan," Nightraven sighed. "And I know very well that it means terror to the forest."
"What did they say?" Willowflame demanded. Her silver fur was bristling and her amber eyes were wide. Mossfang, a dark grey tom with yellow eyes got out of his nest. He glared at Nightraven for she had disturbed them in the middle of the night. Nightraven's ears flicked.
"Shadows are rising once more in a blazing storm...the stars are dying as is the forest and blood will drown out all..." Nightraven murmured. The medicine cat pinned her ears back. "I fear the forest is in danger," Nightraven whispered. Willowflame and Mossfang nodded. Willowflame had to put much effort into forcing her fur to lie flat.
"Shall we warn Brackenstar?" Nightraven asked.
"When he wakes up, yes," Willowflame meowed. "Hopefully the forest will be safe..." Nightraven nodded in agreement before bounding towards the warriors den and curling up. She woke up in the middle of the forest which was flaming and strangely dark. Cats were surrounding her, covered with burns and scratches. One padded slowly towards her, and she noticed that it had a broken leg and a missing ear.
"Turn back!"
"Hurry while you still can..."
"They'll catch you..."
Nightraven heard the warnings of the cats around her. "Please...save yourself," The cat in front of her rasped. "We cannot lose another soul to them..." Nightraven seemed confused. Who were they talking about? Suddenly, as if answering her question, many cats appeared with others held prisoner, torn to pieces.
They headed straight towards Nightraven and raised their claws until she woke up. The forest was in danger. This was far worse than what she had ever encountered...
The Dark Forest was coming...
Nightraven crawled out of the warriors den. Brackenstar was awake; the ginger tabby tom was watching his Clan. Nightraven bounded towards him, scaring the cats around her with her urgency.
"What in the name of StarClan?" Brackenstar seemed surprised.
"There's something I must tell you..." Nightraven murmured. She lead him into his den.
"What is it?" Brackenstar demanded.
Nightraven remained silent. "It's coming..." She murmured at last.
"What is?" Brackenstar seemed confused.
"The Dark Forest," Nightraven meowed. "They're rising to the forest!"
Brackenstar's eyes grew wide. "That...that can't be!" He growled.
"StarClan have spoken..." Nightraven whispered. "We must prepare..." She then backed out of the den. Brackenstar shivered at the black cat's warning. Murmurs rippled through the Clan cats below. They stared up at Nightraven who padded nervously around the camp.
Brackenstar made his way out of the den, green eyes wide. Her words echoed in his mind. We must prepare. Brackenstar shook his head rapidly. He had trusted Nightraven quite a bit, so maybe she was right. Nightraven glanced up at him before vanishing in the shadows.
Brackenstar shivered in fear. Nightraven slipped out of the camp, blue eyes wide. "Where are you going?" A voice suddenly asked. Nightraven turned around to see Pinefang and Whiteear.
"I just...want to explore the territory." Nightraven lied. Pinefang sighed.
"Go on, then." He growled. Nightraven bounded away. What she was really doing was looking for stray Dark Forest spirits who had come by too early. Soon, rustling came from the bushes and plants around her. She scanned the area, eyes narrowed.
Suddenly, something pinned her to the ground, and she looked up to see a grey tabby. "Well, someone's aware of us..." It sneered. He flicked the tip of his tail and three other cats appeared; a ginger tom with darker paws and yellow eyes, a silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes, and a blue-grey tom with green eyes.
"What do we do now, Ashfang?" The tabby she-cat asked.
"Take her to the Dark Forest. I'll snag some other cats." Ashfang ordered.
The silver tabby nodded, as did the other two cats, and they dragged her away, until she found herself in a darker version of the forest...
"Where am I?" Nightraven asked nervously. She struggled to get to her paws.
"Welcome to the Dark Forest," The tabby she-cat meowed, eyes narrowed. "You wont be going back any time soon." Nightraven snarled in defiance and managed to stand. The black cat lunged at the silver tabby. The tabby jumped to her paws, smirking. "And I actually considered you a threat!" She sneered.
Nightraven lunged at the tabby. "And you were right to do so!" She snapped, biting the cat's neck. The tabby slashed at Nightraven's face, managing to reopen the scar on her eye. Nightraven screeched, falling backwards. Blood welled from the wound, dripping onto the ground.
"Silverpool, now's not the time to-" The blue-grey tom sighed until he saw what happened. "Nevermind. Go at it." He turned away.
"Rainleaf," Silverpool meowed. "Wanna join me?" Rainleaf nodded and attacked Nightraven. Nightraven latched onto his neck and flipped him over, pinning him down.
"Don't think I didn't come prepared!" She threatened. She then tore open his throat and bounded away. Rainleaf tried to yowl, but it was cut off as he coughed up blood. Silverpool charged after Nightraven, who was already back to the forest. Silverpool snarled in fury.
Nightraven followed Ashfang's scent trail. When she reached the camp, her eyes grew wide at what she had seen...
Pinefang and Whiteear were lying just outside the camp, limp. Ashfang was with many other Dark Forest spirits as they attacked the heart of the camp. A few cats were lying dead on the ground. Nightraven instantly leapt into battle, snagging her claws in the fur of a small black tom. The tom whipped around and Nightraven slashed at his face.
The tom bounded away. A few spirits were lying on the ground, fading. Nightraven found Ashfang and leapt at him, pinning him to the ground and biting his neck. Ashfang threw her off and jumped to his paws. He leapt at the lithe black cat, tearing her ear.
Nightraven winced, but slashed at Ashfang's back. Ashfang whipped around, knocking Nightraven over with a powerful blow to the side. He took his chance to claw at her belly, but he was sent away by a massive white tom with blue eyes. Nightraven got up and thanked the white tom with a nod before leaping at Ashfang. Ashfang rolled out of the way and leapt at Brackenstar who was fighting a blue-grey she-cat with yellow eyes.
Brackenstar yowled in pain as Ashfang tore open his belly. Nightraven lunged at Ashfang, slashing relentlessly at the grey tom until he bounded away. Brackenstar fell to the ground, writhing until shuddering once and going limp. He had lost a life; he only had one more. The blue-gray she-cat was about to attack until Nightraven blocked it and scratched her face.
The cat bounded away as well. Soon, the Dark Forest cats left. Nightraven's eyes grew wide when she noticed the damage; almost every cat was severely injured while some remained killed. Nightraven managed to gather the dead bodies until they remained in the center of the clearing. This was only the beginning...
Nightraven and the other cats of ShadowClan mourned the death of the few, wailing. The medicine cat, Redfeather, and his apprentice, Stormrunner, began to see to the wounds. Redfeather padded towards Nightraven. "Nightraven, are you-," But when he saw the repopened scar on her eye, his amber eyes were wide. "Great StarClan! Stormrunner, fetch some cobwebs! Nightraven's scar has reopened!" The dark grey apprentice rushed to the medicine den and came back with a wad of cobwebs in his paw.
Redfeather set the cobweb on Nightraven's wounds. Stormrunner returned with a few herbs, rubbing a poultice on the scratches. "Go ahead and rest." Redfeather gently mewed. Nightraven opened her mouth to argue, but remained silent before nodding and padding towards the den. She curled up, exhausted.
Murmurs spread through the cats about Brackenstar's lives. Soon, the wounds of the warriors were covered and Brackenstar remained in his den. Nightraven sighed. The elders and some warriors had taken away the bodies and buried them. She knew the Dark Forest was still on it's way.
She soon fell asleep and found herself in the Dark Forest. "Well," A familiar voice hissed. "Look who came back!" Nightraven got to her paws and saw Ashfang glaring down at her. Nightraven leapt at him, tearing his ear and biting his neck. Ashfang threw her off.
Suddenly, a few cats appeared; a black tabby she-cat, a massive white tom, a dark brown tabby she-cat, and a grey tom. "Blackstripe, Frostflare, Brambleflame, and Greyfeather, take her away." Ashfang ordered. The four cats padded towards Nightraven who hissed and backed away. They gathered in a circle around her, begining to close in. Nightraven frantically searched for a way out.
She then lunged at Blackstripe, tearing the black tabby's ear and slashing at her throat. Blackstripe narrowed her green eyes and hissed, battering Nightraven's belly with her hind paws. Nightraven scored a long mark down Blackstripe's face, causing the black tabby she-cat to yowl. She threw Nightraven off and bounded away, fur bristling. Nightraven glared at Brambleflame.
Brambleflame leapt at Nightraven, pinning her to the ground. Nightraven slashed at the brown tabby's face, snarling. Brambleflame jumped away, tail lashing. She then leapt at Nightraven once more, who knocked her off balance with a powerful blow to the side. Brambleflame winced and twisted her paw by landing awkwardly and soon ran off.
Greyfeather and Frostflare circled Nightraven angrily, glaring at her. Greyfeather decided to attack first, latching onto Nightraven's throat and causing the black she-cat to fall backwards. Nightraven threw Greyfeather off, leapt to her paws and brought her claws down into his side. Greyfeather yowled, tore himself free, and darted away. Nightraven's attention flickered back to Frostflare.
Frostflare aimed a powerful blow to the side of Nightraven's head, easily knocking her over. Nightraven winced and felt claws dig into her shoulders. She hissed and tried to escape, but one last powerful blow to her head jolted her back to reality. She was breathing heavily, and more wounds appeared. She narrowed her blue eyes and began to clean her wounds before leaving the den and camp.
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