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The Fallers Journey: The Fallers Journey Chapter 8: Grand Melemele

by Generation Sect

Generation Sect It's time to move on to Akala Island. Next chapter will be more chill, more of a character focus.
Chapter 8: Grand Melemele
The group pulled their tired bodies into Iki town, Isaac dragging Lillie along. The only thing they could see was Hala waiting for them. Isaac shouted. "Hala! It's Isaac, from the school, a little help here?" Hala helped the group into his hut, where he had blankets to warm them up. "You do know that I actually am the Kahuna of this island, as I said. Which means, the final trial, the grand trial, of this island, is to battle me." Flame gasped. Was he really their goal all along? Hala laughed heartily at their shocked expressions. "Hah! Look at your faces! Sun and Hau would have told you, but they already beat me and headed onto Akala Island. Last I heard, they were at Hau'Oli Marina. Seems Moon has a lot to live up to!" Moon looked worried. Hala headed upstairs to get himself a coffee, and the trainers were deciding what to do next. "I might just challenge him now. We are here y'know, and I don't want to have to go through Hau'Oli or Route 1 AGAIN." Mal smiled, cuddling closer to him, wrapped up in her blanket. "If you do, then I'll be there to cheer you on. I finally found you and i'm not giving up on you now." Rose stood up. "Well, me and Ama have been talking amongst ourselves and we figure we'll take our leave. We want to rest up at the Hau'Oli Pokemon Center and plan after that whole... ordeal." They left, and Isaac followed Lillie outside. "Where do you want to go?" Lillie finally spoke up softly. "I might go to the Pokemon Center with them. They'll have medical supplies."

Isaac was starting to feel more concerned about Lillie. Her leg was fixed up and all, but she had talked even less than usual after the incident. "So, do you have a Pokemon?" He attempted to make Pokemon. Lillie looked nervous. "Yes, but I keep it in my bag. There is a reason to." Isaac had an idea. "Well, why don't I take you to get one?" Lillie seemed anxious now. "Oh... I guess." Meanwhile, Ama and Rose were resting up their Pokemon. "So, what do you plan to do now that we're ready?" Ama asked. Rose was deep in thought. "I guess we just have to go in. We'll have a bit more foresight than the others if we battle after. I'm just worried that none of my Pokemon have evolved yet, and I'm not sure what Buneary can do." Far away at Iki town, the grand trial had already begun. "Old Hala is going all out!" The Kahuna shouted. "Go, Mankey! Show your strength!" The monkey Pokemon stood in a fighting stance. "Come on out Pikachu!" Hala threw his hand to the side. "Mankey, use Low Kick!" It tripped Pikachu up with a sweeping kick. "Pikachu, get up and use Thunder Wave!" Pikachu paralysed it's opponent with an electrical field. Mankey attempted to get up to attack again, but was soon hit by another attack. "Electro Ball!" Pikachu flipped over, launching a ball of pure energy from it's tail. Mankey fell over, defeated. Hala laughed. "We're not done yet! Go, Crabrawler! Brick Break!" The swift chop from the Pokemon knocked out Pikachu. "Pikachu, return! Go, Frogadier! Use Water Pulse!" The blast of water hit Crabrawler square on, but it kept fighting. Hala struck a pose, a brown z-crystal resonating from his Z-ring. "Go! All-Out Pummeling!" The fighting type Z-move activated, Crabrawler throwing an array of huge punches and kicks in a flurry faster than the eye could see. The final punch hit Frogadier under his chin, throwing him back, landing hard on the floor.
"Get up Frogadier! I believe in you!" Frogadier clambered up off the floor, dashing forwards with Quick Attack, lifting Crabrawler off the floor with a flip kick and then hitting it with a Water Pulse midair. Frogadier landed on the floor as Crabrawler fell down with it, KO'd.
"Congratulations on your victory! Take this Z-crystal!" He handed him the fighting Z-Crystal. As he left, Moon suddenly stepped up. "I wasn't sure about this, but I have decided that I AM going to challenge Hala! Even without my brother!" Hala commenced the second battle.

"Come on Lillie, I know you can do it!" Lillie stood awkwardly on the edge of the tall grass. "Are... are you sure about this?" Isaac smiled. "Yeah! Just walk a bit deeper in and you'll find one." She nervously headed further into the tall grass. Suddenly, a Pokemon jumped out! "Pel-Petilil!" She jumped backwards in fright. "Aah!" To protect herself, she threw the pokeball she was holding and the Pokemon stayed in. She picked it up hesistantly, and came back out of the grass, joyful. "I did it!" "Great! Now let's go catch up with Rose and Ama. They already set off to Iki town." As Rose and Ama arrived at Iki town, the first thing they saw was Moon running towards them, giddier than ever. "Guess what guess what guess whaaaat!" The two gave in. "What?" Moon smiled, breathing heavily to regain her breath. "Brionne beat Hala on her own. I guess it's your guys turn now." Rose battled Hala first. It was Mankey vs. Buneary. Mankey jumped towards Buneary, hoping to finish it with one attack, but Buneary spun elegantly, catching it's leg in mid-air, throwing it to the floor and using Pound to smack it.
Mankey got up slowly, attempting to use Low Kick again but was stopped by Buneary jumping into the air and landing on it, using Endure to survive the incoming kick. Buneary finished off the tired Pokemon with Quick Attack. Hala sent out Crabrawler, which finished Buneary with Rock Smash, punching a rock that smashed al over Buneary. Out next came Drifloon, which used Gust to push back Crabrawler. Crabrawler retaliated with Pursuit, chasing Drifloon as it tried to dodge. Drifloon used Gust again, deflecting Crabrawler's last ditch Bubblebeam back to him, defeating it. Ama's Battle was far quicker. "Say hello to my other Pokemon! Go, Ralts!" Out came the small psychic type Pokemon. Mankey dived in to defeat the Pokemon, but it was blown back by Confusion. As it prepared it's second attack, it was stopped by Disarming Voice. Mankey stood still, hypnotised by the song, only to be hit by a Magical Leaf attack, finishing it. Out next came Crabrawler, who used the Fighting Z-Move. However, Ralts sent the attack to a Double Team clone instead, and knocked out Crabrawler with Confusion.

Isaac arrived with Lillie, only to see that everyone else had already battled. "Guess it's me next. Go Gligar!" Gligar circled around Mankey, who was charging up an attack. It disrupted him by hitting him with Knock Off. Then, Gligar started to circle Mankey again, suddenly diving in with Fury Cutter to finish it off. When Crabrawler arrived, Gligar took a Bubblebeam to the face. It fought back by poisoning him with Poison Sting, but was finished by Crabrawlers Z-move. Luxio jumped into the fray next, charging a Spark attack into Crabrawler and finishing it. "Congratulations!" Hala shouted. "You have all finished your trials here on Melemele Island! It is time for you to continue to Akala Island."
And so they did, boarding a boat at Hau'Oli Marina to move on across the open seas. At that time, a mysterious figure stood at the crater left by the Ultra Beast on Route 3. When it had been dragged away into the portal, crystallised by the mysterious Pokemon in the sky, some crystals had flaked off. They had taken the form of Z-crystals, one Red, one Blue, one White and one Yellow. He would keep them to hand just in case, it was time for the next step of the plan...
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