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The Fallers Journey: The Fallers Journey Chapter 6: Memories of the past

by Generation Sect

Generation Sect This is chapter 6. This chapter is a lot more plot-centric, as I had to change stuff up to set up for what happens next.
Chapter 6: Memories of the past
After their battle with Illima, the group were now back on Route 1. Sun and Hau had continued on without them to finish their trial, and the group had decided to backtrack to Ten Carat Hill. On the way, they had to walk past Kukui and Burnet's lab, and the beach where they arrived through the wormhole. They entered Ten Carat Hill. Inside it was a huge cave, with Pokemon like Sableye, Roggenrola and Carbink. There seemed to be more paths that were blocked off, so they headed into the light at the end of the tunnel. They arrived in Farthest Hollow, an area with 4 pathways spiking off in an X shape and a large grassy Plateau in the north. The paths led to patches of grass, presumably where Sun caught his Rockruff. However, Flame could see somebody standing on the plateau. His family had told him to come here, who could it be? "Uh, guys. I suggested we come here because when my family called they told me to. Then... who is that?" The trainer turned around, revealing herself to be a girl. Flame was confused. "Who are you?" "Flame?" She asked. "It's me, Mal."

Flame really couldn't remember. He didn't even recognise his family when they called, that portal had really done a number on him. "I'm sorry, but I can't remember you." She started to look upset. "But we've known each other for ages! We were dating!" Flame still had a confused expression on his face. "Where we?" She turned back around visibly upset. She ran away along the plateau. "Stop! Wait!" She stopped straight in her tracks as in front of her, reality started to warp and crack, an Ultra wormhole right in front of her. She luckily stopped just before she ran into it, gazing in shock. Flame attempted to climb the plateau to help her, but a long, black arm like a wire with golden wire like fingers grabbed her, wrapping itself around her and starting to pull her in. Flame made it up just in time. "Don't worry, I've got you!" She was pulled into the portal, Flame grabbing on and being pulled in with her. Everybody was worried, but didn't know what to do. Flame and Mal came flying out, Mal landing on top of Flame as the portal suddenly stitched the fabric of the universe back together, vanishing completely. They were kissing, and they both went red and quickly got up. "Mal... I remember you now." Mal smiled. "It must have been the kiss." Lillie walked up to the two on the plateau. "Sorry to burst your bubble, but... uh... it was probably just going through a portal again that regained your memories." She spoke. "Anyway, did you see what's on the other side? Or that thing that brought you through?" Flame and Mal both looked puzzled. "What thing? I just remember that for some reason we both ended up in that portal." Everyone was confused. What had really happened? None of them noticed however, atop the hill, a young man dressed in a black cloak with goggles, with a cloth covering his mouth. He watched them silently, then getting atop his Staraptor and flying away.

After the events of the day, they had decided to head all the way back to the Pokemon Center at Route 2. They all completed the Verdant Cavern trial, receiving a Normal Z-Crystal for their Z-rings. However, it was starting to get dark, so they had no time to go to Route 3 and look for Sun and Hau.
They decided to spend the night there, and figured that in the morning they would be able to think more clearly about what had happened. As they slept, more wormholes started to tear themselves above Alola, one appearing right above the mountainous Route 3. In the heavy winds of the route, stood a young man in a cloak and goggles, observing it. He knew that was a signal that he would be needed soon.