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The Fallers Journey: The Fallers Journey Chapter 3: Graduation Celebration

by Generation Sect

Generation Sect So, this is chapter 3. It's a larger than any other chapter, I had to get a lot done.
Chapter 3: Graduation Celebration
The group were having trouble seeing the battle, but that Moon girl seemed to never run out of energy, and squeezed her way to the front of the crowd, dragging everyone with her. "Look! Right there!" The boy with the Owl seemed to be her older brother, but not older by that much. The boy opposite him seemed confident in his victory. "Go Litten! Use Scratch!" The cat Pokemon leapt into the air, slicing down it's claws in an arc, the Owl Pokemon flying upwards to meet it head on. Sun sent out his command. "Astonish!" The Owl Pokemon span around, releasing a purple slash that attacked Litten just as it was about to hit, throwing it down to the sand of the battlefield. Litten's trainer seemed dazed. "What? I thought it would be easy to beat you with Litten being a Fire type! Eh, I guess you and Rowlet are just more skilled than us. Next time you see me, Hau and Litten will be stronger than ever!" The boy who had called himself Hau walked away with his defeated Pokemon. Moon ran over, grabbing her brother by the elbow and pulling him away from the crowds of children that wanted to talk to him to the trio. "Sun! These guys are new!" She looked at the trio again. "This is my big bro Sun. Him and his Rowlet are super strong, but he never talks much. Of course, my Popplio is the cutest." Isaac suddenly had an idea. "You don't say? Well, Rose and Buneary haven't had a battle yet." Rose seemed angry that Isaac had put her up to that, but gave in when she saw Moon begging. "PleasePleasePleasePleasePleeeeeease!" Rose laughed. "Okay. Just don't get too excited." Sun finally spoke. "She's relatively new here, she's only a year under me but she acts a lot younger than that." Rose threw her pokeball, Mimi the Buneary emerging from the light, spinning and twirling. Moon sent out her Pokemon, Popplio. The seal Pokemon stood up on it's tail, clapping it's hands happily. Sun held his hands up like a referee. "Three...Two...One... Battle!"

Buneary took the first move. "Go, use Baby-Doll Eyes!" Buneary turned around to stare cutely into the eyes of Popplio and Moon, it's eyes becoming large and sparkling. Rose laughed. "Who's the cutest now?" Moon started to get flustered, her face becoming red. "No you don't! Popplio, use Baby-Doll Eyes!" Popplio did the exact same as Buneary, his eyes becoming even larger and sparkler than hers.... several turns later, the Pokemon were still continuing, attempting to win by cuteness. Moon seemed bored. "Popplio, do the thing again!" The Pokemon turned around, so it could prepare then turn back, but on it's way it fell head first into the floor. "C'mon! What is happening?" Rose commanded Buneary to use Pound, and finally attack, but Buneary was also too tired. Isaac laughed. "They've been trying so hard to out-cute each other they can't battle properly." "That's it! Popplio you majestic beast, use Water Gun!" Moon shouted. Popplio pulled its face up off the floor, and fired a beam of water which hit Buneary at high pressure, for about a second before it petered out and became a few useless squirts. Buneary however, had it's sweat washed away by the water, and was refreshed. Rose noticed this. "Buneary, use Pound!" Buneary, instead of using it's tired legs, used the water to slide along the floor, hitting Popplio with it's long ears. Popplio fell back over, and couldn't seem to get up. Sun was confused. "I guess that means Rose is the winner?" Rose smiled, retreating Mimi to her pokeball. Moon picked up Popplio to take it for some rest.

Flame and Froakie had traveled all around the school, but they still had not found someone to battle. Froakie still needed a win, and nobody seemed to be up for a battle. That's when he noticed that Hau kid from earlier return at the gates. He went over to introduce himself. "Hey, I'm Flame. I thought you had left to Route 1." Hau laughed. "Nah, all the pokemon seem to be hiding. Me and Litten still need to train before we can face Sun again." Flame had an idea. "You can battle me and Froakie. I still need a win and it'll be good training for both of us." Hau smiled. "Great!" We should make our way to the battlefield then!"
Flame and Hau were standing at opposite ends of the battlefield. It was still slippery from Popplio's water gun earlier. "Go, Litten!" "Go, Froakie!" The two Pokemon were released from their pokeballs, and landed facing each other. "Go, use Bubble Froakie!" Froakie fired a cloud of bubbles, floating towards Litten at a fast pace. "Litten, use Growl!" The sound of Litten's cry shattered the bubbles, falling over Froakie and soaking him. Flame was at the disadvantage now, he had to come up with something quick. "Froakie, use Lick!" Froakie dashed along the wet floor, slipping into Litten, Froakie using it's tongue to attack. Froakie's protean made it become a dark purple colour, but Litten still didn't seem harmed. "Litten, use Ember!" The cat turned to attack Froakie, but stopped and curled up into a ball, attempting to lick itself clean from Froakie's attack. "Gah! Now's not the time to be paralysed Litten!" Froakie turned around, using Bubble to send Litten flying backwards, clinging to the last of it's health. Hau shouted a quick last command. "Litten, use Scratch!" Froakie ran across the wet battlefield to reach Litten, who pounced forwards preparing to slash. However, Flame had a plan. "Froakie, Quick Attack!" Froakie dashed straight through the Pokemon just before it could hit him, finishing it as it fell to the ground, fainted. Hau grinned. "Ah well. We'll be sure to come back some other time and win."

It was midday, and in the cafeteria the students sat around round tables, with a large stage that everybody could see also in the room. Isaac, Flame, Rose and Moon had all sat together, but none of them knew were Hau and Sun were. Suddenly, an old man and Kukui got up on the stage. The old man cleared his throat. "Cough... I am Kahuna Hala. I am here to tell you that Sun and Hau have graduated and are ready to go on their adventures. In fact, they are setting off now! We are sure they will have a bright future. However, the new trainers Isaac, Rose and Flame will be setting off too. That is all." Hala exited the room, and Kukui got the trio and brought them to his office. Isaac was puzzled. "Why are we graduating already?" Kukui looked worried. "My wife, Professor Burnet, says that many wormholes are appearing around Melemele Island, and they seem to be getting closer to the school every time. We need to set you off so that you don' get attacked by... it doesn't matter. Sun and Hau will guide you through your journey, yeah!" Everybody was still confused, even a bit worried, but decided they should leave anyway. At the gates of the school, they saw Hau and Sun waiting for them. Hau had a wide grin across his face. "You guys are graduating already, that's awesome!" Sun looked down. "It's sad that I have to leave Moon." Suddenly, a girl ran into the crowd at the speed of lightning. "Big bro, I'm coming too! I begged Kukui to let me go." Sun seemed surprised. "And he just let you?" He sighed. "Still don't get what's going on in that guy's head. Well then, I guess we should get going." He started walking, and the group followed behind him.

Later, they had exited Hau'Oli and headed up through Route 1. They were close to Iki town, their next destination, when Sun saw two suspicious men wearing matching uniforms in a patch of grass. They had just grabbed two Pikachu's, that were squirming and trying to escape. One of them laughed. "Time to get up outta here B. I'm hearing we can sell these for a whole lot. Real popular recently." The other one looked at him, and made some sort of gang sign with his hands. "Yeah, Team Skull out!" They both quickly ran up towards Iki Town, and the group headed towards the grass to see what had happened. There laying in the grass were two baby Pichu's, crying for their parents.

Chapter 4: PikaTwo!
Who will look after the Pichu's?
Who will stop Team Skull?
Find out next time!
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