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The Fallers Journey: The Fallers Journey Chapter 20: The Pokemon League (Part 2)

by Generation Sect

Generation Sect
Chapter 20: The Pokemon League (Part 2)
The battle had started, the mysterious Zero against Gladion. Zero had sent out a Weavile against Crobat. "Icicle Crash!" He snarled, as he gestured forwards to strike. Large icicles were dropped from the sky onto Crobat, pinning it to the ground and stopping it before it could act. "Go, Lucario!" Gladion sent out a counter. "Swap, Staraptor!" "Aura Sphere!" Lucario fired an energy ball, Staraptor gliding past it. "Brave Bird!" Staraptor tore straight through Lucario, knocking him out. "Go, Weavile!" He sent out another counter. "Return! Crabominable, do some damage!" "Weavile, use Night Slash!" Weavile dashed into the towering Pokemon, discovering it had barely left a mark. "Close Combat." Zero finished as he mimicked the action, hammering his fist onto his hand. One quad super effective punch at close range was enough to crush Weavile and win the match. "Zero will commence onwards! Gladion has been eliminated!" Gladion looked crushed. "That Zero sure is good..." Isaac worried. There was still so much about him they didn't know. They headed back to Chamber 1, where Moon vs. Kahili would take place. Moon sent out Alolan Sandslash, and Kahili sent out Crobat. "Icicle Crash!" Crobat was swiftly defeated by the same attack that felled Gladion's Crobat earlier. Kahili sent out Oricorio, using Revelation Dance. It knocked out Sandslash, as it was in it's Fire Type form. "Primarina! Go, Hydro Pump!" Oricorio was knocked out by the super effective beam of water. Toucannon was her final Pokemon. Moon swapped to Lycanroc, who defeated it with Accelerock. Moon was declared the winner, and the next battle was Isaac against Guzma in chamber 2.
Isaac and Guzma both sent out their first Pokemon, Masquerain and Salazzle. Masquerain used Air Slash, dodging Flamethrower and coming in with Air Cutter to defeat Salazzle. "Go, Luxray! Ice Fang!" The delicate Masquerain was crushed under the frozen fangs of Luxray. Guzma sent out Pinsir. "Ice Fang!" Luxray bit onto Pinsirs horns as it charged at it, spreading the freezing touch. However, Pinsir ploughed through with Megahorn, throwing Luxray back, skidding along on it's side. However, the ice spread along Pinsir, freezing it completely. This gave Luxray time to pull itself to it's feet. "Will Charge!" Luxray dashed in a ball of energy towards it's frozen opponent, causing a large elemental explosion and defeating it. Guzma sent out his final Pokemon, Ariados. He activated Buginium Z, the Bug Type Z-move trapping Luxray in a cocoon and throwing it to oblivion, defeating the injured Pokemon. "Go, Pupitar! Stone Edge!" Pupitar summoned multiple sharp rocks from the ground, Ariados dodging aside the wall of rock and using Infestation to trap Pupitar in a seething mass of ants, pulling it to the floor. However, Pupitar was filled with a white glow, evolving into the huge Tyranitar! It let out a colossal roar, the ants scattering. "Earthquake!" With one stomp, the whole stadium shook and Ariados gave in. Isaac was declared the victor, and they continued on to chamber 3 for Sun vs. Hau.

The battle commenced between the two rivals. Sun sent out Mimikyu, and Hau his Alolan Raichu. Mimikyu evaded Raichu's Thunderbolt, popping up behind it with Shadow Sneak, using Shadow Claw to knock out the fragile Pokemon. Hau sent out Leafeon, and Sun swapped for Turtonator. "Use Fire Blast!" The powerful shot of fire defeated Leafeon. Hau sent out Incineroar, and Sun swapped for Decidueye. They both used their signature moves, Spirit Shackle and Darkest Lariat, the moves colliding in a huge explosion. Decidueye fell out most hurt, and Incineroar charged in with Fire Fang to knock it out. Sun used Mimikyu again, but Incineroar used Darkest Lariat, busting Mimikyu's disguise and throwing it to the side. Then it used Brutal Swing, decimating the small Pokemon with a huge sweep. Out last was Turtonator. Incineroar used Incinium-Z, ready to perform Malicious Moonsault, flipping into the air. Just as it was about to land, Turtonator used Shell Trap to block the attack with it's shell pointed to the sky. Incineroar was bounced away, and as it floated Turtonator used Draco Meteor, calling a huge strike, hitting Incineroar in mid-air and smashing it into the floor, winning the battle for Sun. It was time for the final battle of Round 1, Ama against Professor Kukui in Chamber 4. The battle started, Gallade against Snorlax. Gallade used Leaf Blade, dashing into the large Snorlax, the attack bouncing off it. Snorlax raised it's arm to use an attack, but Gallade dashed away, waiting until it raised it's huge fish again, dashing under and using Close Combat to hit Snorlax square in it's belly and knock it over. Unable to get up, Snorlax was officially defeated. Kukui sent out Magnezone next. A strong Psycho Cut from Gallade made Magnezone spin around, launching it's Zap Cannon early, just hitting Gallade, knocking it out with it's lowered defenses. Ama sent out Arcanine, who dropped in to the floor, using Bulldoze to cause a quake that took out Magnezone. Kukui sent out his final Pokemon, Alolan Ninetales. Ninetales used Blizzard, preparing a storm with all of it's strength, Arcanine charging up a heated Flare Blitz. The two attacks collided, and as the smoke cleared Arcanine was visible, standing strong in the whipping flames left by it's attack as the Blizzard wind started to move past. Ama was the victor. Everybody gathered in the center chamber, where the battles for round two were drawn.
"Isaac Vs. Sun!"
"Rose Vs. Moon!"
"Flame Vs. Mal!"
"Zero Vs. Ama!"
The competitors discussed the matchups. Isaac and Sun agreed to not hold back, neither wanted to lose at this stage. Rose and Moon had always struggled to get along, but they were both sort of sad that one of them had to go out by the other's hand. Flame felt pretty bad about his match, because he was trying to support Mal through her battles, but he was now her opponent. Ama was worried. She wasn't expecting to beat the Professor, but this Zero seemed rather dangerous. Near the back of the crowd, Zero spoke into a pad on his gauntlet. "Round 2. I'm getting closer."
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