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The Fallers Journey: The Fallers Journey Chapter 2: It's super effective!

by Generation Sect

Generation Sect This is Chapter 2. This is just a taster of what's to come in Chapter 3, more battles and more characters! I'm aiming to have it out later today.
Chapter 2: It's Super Effective!
As Lillie lead the group through the tarmac of the schoolyard, Flame could see a kid with a black Grimer practicing attacks on a field. Interesting. This region was full of surprises, he always remembered Grimers as purple, but he had recently realised that his memory didn't amount to much here. The girl seemed nervous, very nervous, and he hadn't talked to the third kid. Flame had been the second to wake up, just as he was put in the car, and he had been given the whole same spiel as Isaac had. The other 'Faller', Rose, had apparently got up first, but he hadn't talked to her yet. She seemed rather cold, but he had to at least try. He glanced across to her and tipped his cap. "Hey." She seemed angry, and looked away from him. An awkward silence ensued, and he decided to break the ice again. "Hear you got up first." She glanced at him. "Yes. Now, I'd like it if you'd speed up. We're all waiting on you and I want to get this over with." Flame felt embarrassed, and started to walk at a far faster pace. "Yeah, sorry about that."

Lillie had shown them about most of the school, when she suddenly bumped face first into a man in a blue jacket. He turned around rapidly. Lillie anxiously apologised. "Oh! Mr. Molayne. Sorry about that." The man picked his glasses back up and put them on his head. "No need to apologise. I see you're showing around some new students. That's great! Real time to be here. We've got some great Trial Captains to learn from, and some real prodigies here! Like Sun, Hau, even Moon... and some kid all the way from Pallet Town in Kanto is supposed to be arriving soon... real time to be here, as I said." He laughed. "Excuse my waffling on. I feel real old now that I'm no longer a Trial Captian." Rose cut in. "What are these trials then?" Molyane started to clean his glasses. "Oh! I'll take you to the Professor's office, Soffy is there right now and they'll explain it all to you. Molyane led the group to an office, where a man in a cap, a lab coat and shorts awaited, with a kid who seemed to be even younger than them. The man looked at them and smiled. "New arrivals! Welcome to the Pokemon Trainers School, Yeah! I guess you're here to learn about the island trial yeah? Well, I'll explain it for you! Here in Alola, kids who graduate the trainers school journey around Alola, taking on the Trials of each island and the Kahunas, to become the strongest trainer around, the island challenge Champion yeah!" Rose started to look even more grumpy. This professor was a bit too enthusiastic for her liking. Kukui laughed. "But it's time to turn your frowns upside down. Time to get you your Pokemon yeah!" He produced a case containing three Pokeballs. Each one of them took one, almost instinctively. Flame held the pokeball firmly. "Well what are we waiting for? I want to go test these out on the yard!" The three left the office as Kukui laughed. "I'm sure they'll be great trainers."

Flame had attempted to find a place to battle, but a battle was currently going on the main battlefield between an Alolan Grimer and an Alolan Meowth. Rose had found a small patch of grass around the side however, and she was the first to release her Pokemon. Out popped a Buneary, and it spun around on one leg elegantly. She picked it up and hugged it tight. "Aww, so cute. I'm gonna name you Mimi." Flame laughed. "Guess she's not grumpy all the time." He pressed the button on his pokeball, and a Froakie leaped out. "Awesome! What did you get Isaac?" Isaac decided to let his Pokemon out, and a Shinx came out of the pokeball. "Cool!" Flame walked over holding Froakie. "Do you want to battle? It'd be a good way to get back used to it after all of the amnesia stuff..." Isaac pondered it. "I guess... OK Shinx, lets go!" Shinx stood up, proud and determined. Froakie leapt down, practicing a ninja kick. "OK, Froakie, use Pound!" Froakie swiftly leapt into the air, performing a dash punch to the floor and smacking Shinx backwards. Shinx gritted it's teeth. Isaac didn't know what to do, but he suddenly felt some sort of natural instinct. "Uhhh... Shinx, use Tackle!" Shinx dashed back forwards, slamming it's full body into Froakie who dashed backwards as to not take the full force. Froakie seemed to have became a strange shade, almost white, after it's Pound attack, but Isaac couldn't figure out why. "Froakie, use Bubble!" Froakie changed back to it's original colour, firing a storm of bubbles around Shinx, trapping it in. "Shinx, use Charge!" Shinx released a field of yellow electricity around it, which retreated into his body and made his eyes turn yellow in colour, wisps of electricity starting to appear inside the bubbles. Flame seemed confused as to what Shinx was planning. Froakie had dodged the most of the one hit he had taken, so was still going strong. "Keep him under attack! Don't let him have a chance! Use Quick Attack! Friskier dashed through the field of bubbles, hitting the Charged Shinx on the way as all the bubbles burst over them both. Froakie emerged the other side of the bubbles, noticing it had a lot of friction electricity all over it. What had Shinx done to the bubbles? Isaac smiled. "Okay Shinx, use Spark!" Shinx's eyes started to glow, the yellow becoming greater as he released all the electricity, turning around to charge into the crouching Froakie, who had just finished his attack. A large cloud of smoke appeared, Froakie falling back out of it, knocked out. Shinx was overloaded, and needed healing. Both trainers returned their Pokemon to their balls.

Flame laughed as the trio walked back from the field. "Good job. Shinx did have type advantage, but I thought I had you with that Bubble trap." The trio stopped suddenly as they noticed a new battle had started on the yard, between a boy in a cap and a striped shirt, and a boy who looked like a native here. One had an Owl Pokemon, and the other had a Cat Pokemon. Isaac was confused. "What's with all the crowds here?" A girl wearing a silly hat ran up to them. "That's my brother Sun and his Rival, Hau! They're the best trainers here! I'm Moon by the way!" She shouted in an energetic and loud voice.

NEXT TIME: Sun vs Hau!
Rose vs Moon!
Flame vs Hau!
The adventure begins!
  1. Shiny Blue Gardevoir
    Shiny Blue Gardevoir
    Nice characterization with Rose. You even managed to guess a trait of hers that I forgot to tell you about; she loves cute pokemon!
    Dec 26, 2016