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The Fallers Journey: The Fallers Journey Chapter 18: Adventures in Ultra Space

by Generation Sect

Generation Sect It's time for the Pokemon league. It'll work more like how previous leagues did in the anime, and will probably take around three parts. Maybe more.
Chapter 18: Adventures in Ultra Space
They were now in Ultra Space. Their reality seemed to self-right itself, and they were in a craggy area, with a cosmic, blue and green lit sky. They could see UB-01's floating in the distance, and atop the valley they had to pass through was Guzma. He hopped down in front of them, looking traumatised. He looked down to the floor, and spoke, almost sad. "I'm the Team Skull boss, and I've never been scared of nothing or nobody. But that lady? She's on another level. I'm warning you." The group continued on past him anyway. "Ugh. Ya'll are stupid." He followed behind them anyway. They continued on through the valley until they reached a clearing. On a small rock, gradually phasing back into existence, was Lusamine, with a UB-01 floating next to her. She spoke. "Look at it... the world of my Ultra Beasts. A place where the only thing that exists is the love between Nihilego and myself." The Ultra Beast shuddered slightly at the sound of it's name. She closed her eyes, and looked angry. Her eyes opened again in a scolding glare. "Just leave. I don't need you here. I don't need you anymore." Lillie looked shocked. "Look around you. Look at this beautiful world that I've finally come to. You want me to go back to that world? That's what you've come to bother me for? Even you cannot be that stupid!" Nihilego screeched. She stood up and looked at Lillie. "I don't care if you're my child or not. I don't care if you were loyal to me or not. I don't care if you're the rarest Pokemon there is in the world or not. If you're not beautiful enough to be worthy of my love, I don't need you!" She spread her arms out wide as several Nihilego phased in around her. "That's right! The only things I need to exist are the things I want to have with me! Everything else is just a bother to me!" Lillie walked up to her, looking extremely angry. She started to talk, but Lusamine stopped her. "Enough with this useless talk! I will never forgive you from stealing Cosmog from me! And you. You hateful little trainers. How dare you intrude upon this world that was meant for Nihilego and me? With Nihilego's power, I will show you how wrong you were to come here!" Nihilego floated down to her from above, and she embraced it as a white light enshrouded them both. Then it happened. A large black, jellyfish creature, floating in the air, with Lusamine in the middle. Lusamine-Nihilego threw each one of her Ultra Balls using her tentacles. It was time to battle.

Out came Clefable, Mismagius, Milotic, Lilligant and Bewear. Mal sent out Pawniard, Flame sent out Greninja, Ama sent out Typhlosion, Rose sent out Lopunny and Isaac sent out Luxray. "Pawniard, use Metal Claw!" A slicing arc of steel sliced across Clefable, knocking it back. Clefable used Metronome, retaliating with Fire Blast, Pawniard barely clinging on after the attack. "Use Iron Head!" Pawniard rammed it's bladed helmet into Clefable, knocking it out. Greninja hit Mismagius with Water Shuriken, five stars of water being thrown, curving around in mid-air and locking on to the ghost type, who attempted to dodge. Mismagius fell back, charging up a Shadow Ball and launching it at Greninja, who zipped away, dashing into Mismagius, grabbing it and using a Dark Pulse to release a wave of darkness into it's face, causing it to be thrown away. Luxray used Wild Charge, slamming into Milotic and launching it as the Hydro Pump it had fired splashed into Luxray full on, the beam parting in two. Luxray then used Thunder Fang, grasping Milotic by the head and defeating it. Lopunny fought Bewear, launching into it with High Jump Kicks from every angle, bouncing off it after the attack them coming back from a different direction. Bewear could not turn fast enough to fight back against the barrage, but was taking the attacks well. Bewear lost track of Lopunny's movements, turning backwards to see Lopunny flying towards it's face with a High Jump Kick, knocking it over and out. Only Lilligant remained, using Petal Blizzard to trap Typhlosion in a swarm of flowers. "Use Lava Plume!" Typhlosion ducked down, releasing a flare of fire from it's back that freed it from the storm of grass. "Now, Blast Burn!" Typhlosion used it's ultimate attack, a large blast of fire hitting Lilligant and defeating it. Lusamine-Nihilego was enraged, the beastly fusion floating above them as if she was preparing to attack. That was when she was hit by a large beam of psychic energy, causing her to explode from the inside. "Lunala? If you're here... then how are you holding the portal open?" Lillie questioned. Lunala seemed worried as the entirety of Ultra Space began to shake, and their bodies started fading like when they entered the portal. "We have to leave!" Isaac shouted. Lillie looked back to see Lusamine floating down to the floor, Nihilego gone. As the others ran back to the portal, Lillie turned around and ran towards her unresponsive mother. "What are you doing! There's no time!" Isaac shouted. Suddenly, Lunala swooped through, Lillie throwing Lusamine onto it's back and hopping aboard, flying through the portal with everyone else at the last second. They exited the shaking dimension, and they were all back at the altar.

Everybody was surprised, too shocked to do anything, but luckily Hapu was waiting with Mudsdale. She said Lusamine was weak, and must be taken to emergency care immediately. Lillie followed with Hapu, taking her mother down the altar. Guzma had the same expression on his face, complete awe, confusion and shock. "I... need to go rethink my life. All of it." With that, the Team Skull boss headed back down the altar, with a little more of a nervous step. The group saw, sitting in the corner of the altar, light by the moon, Kahuna Nanu. "Hey kids. Seems pretty crazy what just happened. But I'll leave that to people more suited to this kind of stuff. None of my business anymore. I'm only here because the Prof said that the Pokemon league on Mount Lanakila is finished. I can take you guys there if you want." The group all looked to each other, all nodding in agreement. It was time to see their journey to it's end. And, on the top of a cliff not too far off, was a mysterious figure. Watching them. They had done it. It had all worked out. Now was the time to show himself.