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The Fallers Journey: The Fallers Journey Chapter 16: Grand Trial Finale

by Generation Sect

Generation Sect In about two more chapters the Pokemon league will have started. Crazy, huh?
Chapter 16: Grand Trial Finale
In Seafolk Village, they had talked to the leader of the Seafolk. He said he would take them to Exeggutor island on his boat. As it's name suggested, Exeggutor Island was full of the super tall Alolan Exeggutor. They headed to the Sun Flute, through a huge storm and eventually found it. All that was left now was to head through Vast Poni Canyon, and only the Kahuna could help them with that. They headed to the house of Hapu. "Kahuna? Don't have one here on Poni. Hmm... but I have an idea. Follow me." They followed Hapu all the way through Poni Breaker Coast. There, Isaac found a curved item, that he decided to keep. They entered the ruins to see Hapu at the altar, a sparkling stone similar to the ones they had received from Tapu Koko floating down to her. "I promise to do everything in my power as Kahuna for the people and Pokemon of this island." She spoke as she clutched the stone to her chest. She turned back to them. "Oh, so you were here this whole time. It's time to head to your Grand Trial. I'm the Kahuna now." They headed back, and north past Hapu's house. It was a circular route with one exit, to Vast Poni Canyon, and a large, withered tree.
It was time to battle the final Kahuna. Isaac sent out Pupitar first, to battle Alolan Dugtrio. "Use Earthquake!" "Use Earthquake back!" The two Pokemon knocked each other out with the quake. Next was Gastrodon. "Go, Golisopod!" Golisopod and Gastrodon traded blows, but Golisopod could not harm it enough before it activated Emergency Exit and swapped back out to Salazzle. "Use Dragon Pulse!" "Muddy Water!" The water attack knocked out Salazzle instantly, the beam not felling Gastrodon. "Golisopod, come out with First Impression!" Golisopod landed a powerful dashing blow as it came back into battle, finally finishing Gastrodon. Next was Krookodile. However, Golisopod used Brick Break, quickly defeating it. "Flygon, I choose you!" "Swap out for Luxray!" "Use Ice Fang!" Hapu was clearly not expecting that, and Flygon was defeated by it's 4x weakness. "Mudsdale, it's on you!" Her final Pokemon. "Use Ice Fang!" The attack was not enough to dent the sturdy Mudsdale. "Use High Horsepower!" The super effective move defeated Luxray. "Golisopod, come on out! Use Liquidation!" The second super-effective attack was still not enough. "Bulldoze!" Golisopod was charge into the ground by Mudsdale. Finally, Isaac had one Pokemon left. "Go, Gliscor!" Gligar had evolved using the item Isaac had found earlier. "Use Earthquake!" The attack defeated Mudsdale, finally winning him the grand trial and Groundium Z.

Now it was Flame's turn. "I choose you Torracat!" "Dugtrio, use Earthquake!" Torracat barely held on. "Use Fire Fang!" Torracat bared it's glowing fangs, and took out Alolan Dugtrio. "Woah!" "Gastrodon, go!" "Swap out for Pikachu!" Hapu was confused as to what he hoped to achieve. "Use Aqua ring, bait him out." "Use Grass Knot Pikachu!" Pikachu defeated the far heavier Pokemon with a 4x effective attack. "Interesting choice. Go, Krookodile!" "Use Iron Tail Pikachu!" The attack obviously hurt Krookodile, but not enough. "Use Earthquake!" Pikachu was quickly defeated. "Go, Charizard! Use Focus Blast!" Krookodile was defeated too! "Interesting. To make up for your teams typing disadvantage you exploited our weaknesses with other moves instead. Go, Flygon!" "Swap out to Greninja! Ice Beam!" Flygon tried to use Dragon Pulse, but was also defeated. "Go, Mudsdale!" "Greninja, swap out to Charizard!" "Mudsdale, Stone Edge!" Charizard was defeated. "Back in, go Greninja!" "Use Waterium-Z! Hydro Vortex!" The Z-move surrounded Mudsdale in a tomb of water, that consumed it. He won, and was gifted Groundium Z. Rose was next up. "Go, Glaceon! Use Blizzard!" Dugtrio was defeated by one attack. "Go, Gastrodon!" "Use Blizzard again!" Gastrodon was thrown back, landing weakened. "Use Earthquake!" Glaceon barely held on, using Icy Wind to finish Gastrodon. "Go, Krookodile!" "Swap, Lopunny! Use High Jump Kick, Lopunny jumped in, taking down Krookodile with the strong kick it comboed in. "Go, Flygon!" "Swap! Glaceon, use Blizzard! You got this!" Glaceon defeated Flygon with a storm of ice. "Mudsdale!" "Use Blizzard!" The attack didn't hurt Mudsdale as much as it did the others. "High Horsepower!" Glaceon was knocked out. "Skuntank! Use Toxic!" Skuntank poisoned Musdale as it switched in. "High Horsepower!" Skuntank was defeated too. "Go, Drifblim! You can take a ground move to no effect!" "Use Payback!" The super effective attack defeated Drifblim, Aftermath and the poison ticking away at his health. "Lopunny! Use Fightium-Z! All-Out Pummeling!" The fighting Z-move finished off Mudsdale, awarding her the Groundium-Z.

Finally, it was Ama. "Arcanine! Use Flare Blitz on Dugtrio!" Dugtrio was defeated. "Go, Gastrodon!" "Gallade, get in here with Leaf Blade!" Gastrodon was defeated. "Go, Krookodile!" "Swap to Arcanine! Use Close Combat!" Krookodile took a large amount of damage. "Earthquake! Arcanine barely clung on. "Use Reversal!" Arcanine threw the power of the attack back to defeat Krookodile. "Flygon!" "Typhlosion, time to fight! Use Ice Punch!" Flygon was defeated. Mudsdale was the one obstacle between her and victory. "Ice Punch!" The attack didn't scare Mudsdale. "Earthquake!" Typhlosion was defeated. "Arcanine! Use Close Combat!" It was the same effect. Earthquake finished Arcanine. "Gallade! Use Grassium-Z! Bloom Doom!" A huge dome, like a blooming flower exploded open around Mudsdale, a huge beam firing down into it, followed by Gallade jumping up and slashing down into it with Leaf Blade. "Congratulations! All of you now have Groundium Z!" They headed into the foreboding Vast Poni Canyon, guided by Hapu, preparing to face their destiny.