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The Fallers Journey: The Fallers Journey Chapter 14: Ascension

by Generation Sect

Generation Sect Sorry about taking forever to get this up.
Chapter 14: Ascension
The group took a long bus ride up to the top of Mount Hokulani on the Exeggutor Express. When they reached the top, they heard that Molayne and Sophocles, who they had met at the school, held the trial in the observatory. However, they decided to head down the mountain to where they could catch some more Pokemon. Sun and Moon could see the peak of Mount Lanakila from here. That was when an Alolan Vulpix and Alolan Sandshrew appeared! Passimian and Lycanroc where both sent out. Passimian used Rock Smash, knocking Sandshrew back, and Lycanroc used Rock Tomb to trap Alolan Vulpix under a pile of rocks. The two Pokemon were quickly caught. Flame and Mal were waking along the grass, when suddenly a Metang popped out. They must have startled it, and it prepared to hit them with Meteor Mash until a large burst of fire hit it, scaring it away. They had been saved by a Charmeleon! It walked up to Flame. "Wow! It seems as if it wants to stay with you to protect you from the other Pokemon here." Flame thanked the Pokemon. "Well, thanks! If it wasn't for you I would have been knocked off the mountain!" The Pokemon seemed overjoyed it's help was appreciated. "Charm-Char!" Suddenly, as they were celebrating, a field of floating Minor appeared. They looked as if they were about to explode, and flew like discs towards their target. However, just in time a Pokemon came out of Mal's third pokeball, blocking the attack with a metal clang. It was a Pawniard, and it shielded them from the explosions. "Good job Pawniard! Let's head back up, seems dangerous here." Rose caught herself a wild Stunky. It had been causing trouble, and was attracted by the fumes of the bus. The people wanted it removed, and she was more than happy to oblige. Hau caught a Crabrawler, and Isaac had found himself a rare Pupitar. They regrouped at the Pokemon Center, ready to attempt the trail.

Each of them defeated Totem Vikavolt. It was Isaac's turn, he was the last one. It was Luxio versus Totem Vikavolt, and they didn't seem to have much chance. Luxio barely held on through the spark attack, however he became engulfed in a white glow. He was evolving! Out of the glow leapt a huge, black and blue lion-like figure, it's huge gaping maw enflaming with a red glow as it grasped the Bug and Electric type with it's teeth. It was defeated by the super effective hit. They all had Electrium-Z now, and they traveled all the way through the scorching barren routes to reach Tapu Village. That was where the Ghost-type trail and the Aether house were located. They found Lillie at the Aether house. She seemed to have kept disappearing after what happened at Aether Paradise. It was weird she didn't want to attend. She seemed to be with a mysterious figure, who wore the Team Skull logo and said he was Gladion. He seemed to want nothing to do with the group, and left. All that was left now was to challenge the trial of Acerola. In the abandoned Thrifty Megamart they battled Totem Mimikyu, eventually defeating it and getting Ghostium Z. Salandit evolved in the process, defeating the Pokemon as Salazzle.
They headed back to the Aether house, successful. But they saw Team Skull exiting on Sharpedo's! They had stolen a young girls Yungoos, and they had to get it back. They headed across the water to reach Po Town, under the control of Team Skull. They cleared their way through it, reaching Team Skull's hideout. Here they would battle Guzma. Golisopod battled against Luxray. Luxray refused to let go, using Thunder Fang and Fire Fang to keep Golisopod trapped in it's bite. Ariados used it's Buginium Z to defeat Luxray and free Golisopod, but Golisopod, Masquerain and Ariados were defeated by Lopunny, Frogadier and Quilava. They took some of the Buginium Z Guzma had been hoarding, and headed back to Aether House, only to find that Lillie had been taken by Team Skull!
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    Jan 1, 2017