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The Fallers Journey: The Fallers Journey Chapter 12: Exit Akala

by Generation Sect

Generation Sect This is chapter 12. A load of evolutions are about to happen once we reach Ula'Ula.
Chapter 12: Exit Akala
The group had reached Konikoni city, and slept for the short time they had in the Pokemon Center. When daylight struck, they headed to Olivia's shop, where they could probably find her, while Lillie seemed nervous and stayed at the center. When they reached it, the others talked about the rare stock they had here while Isaac checked around. There was a Probopass waiting with a note. "I'll be at the Ruins of Life, I was expecting you guys." Meanwhile, Ama seemed rather shocked. "What do you mean all gone?" The shopworker replied in a monotone voice. "Yes. All gone. We sell rare stones here, like Evolution stones, but we recently sold most of our stock to the traveling Relic's Bazaar." "Well, where are they now?" Ama asked. "On Ula-Ula island." Flame cut in. "That's fine. We're going there next, so we should catch them up if we're fast enough." They set off to the Ruin's of Life, but on the way there they saw a group in white and gold outfits confronting Team Skull. It seemed as if the Skull grunts had stolen a Slowpoke. Forwards stepped a man in green goggles. "Team Skull, unhand that Pokemon at once!" The grunts looked panicked. "Nah man! We're gonna sell Slowpoke Tail to make money, no bones about it!" The man looked around to them. "Young trainers! Some help with Team Skull would be much appreciated." Out came Luxio, Frogadier, Lopunny and Quilava. Drowzee and Zubat were quickly defeated. The man was finishing up defeating the Salandit of a woman they had never seen before with his Hypno. The Team Skull Admin walked away. "Gah! You Aether Foundation picking on my dumb little brother and sisters is really annoying me! Plumeria out!" Team Skull exited, leaving the Pokemon unharmed. The man turned around. "Excellent work! I am Branch Chief Faba of the Aether Foundation! You should come to Hano Grand Resort for a reward at some point!" With that they left, and the group continued on to the Ruins of Life.

Ama was the first to challenge Kahuna Olivia. The battle took place outside the entrance to the Ruins. Out first was Growlithe, battling Nosepass. Nosepass used Rock Throw, dealing a huge amount of damage to the Fire type Pokemon, on it's last legs. "Use Reversal!" Growlithe spun the damage of the attack back against Boldore, defeating it with the Super effective move. However, next was Boldore. "Smack down!" Boldore threw a rock, defeating Growlithe. "Go, Quilava! Use Flame Wheel!" The battle went for a while. Quilava dodged most of Boldore's slow but strong attacks, but could barely dent it with the Fire type move. Eventually however, it gave out. "It's not over until it's over! Go, Lycanroc!" Out came a red, white and black werewolf Pokemon. "Go, use Rockium-Z! Continental Crush!" A huge mountain of rock was lifted into the sky, and at Lycanroc's command landed on Quilava, squashing it and quickly finishing it. "I choose you Kirlia!" Kirlia had one chance. "I came prepared! As you have Magical leaf, you can use the Grassium-Z i just got! Go, Z-move! Bloom doom!" A field of scattered flowers appeared around Lycanroc, a large energy ball encasing it, opening up like a flower blooming. A beam exploded into it from the sky, and as the petals opened the entire thing was evaporated, defeating Lycanroc. Rockium-Z was hers now. The rest of the group eventually defeated her, and they decided to head to Hano Grand Resort for their reward. They didn't have a way to leave Akala yet anyway.

Once again, the group were on a boat again, this time to Aether Paradise, the floating mechanical island owned by Lusamine, leader of the Aether Foundation. Faba had offered them a tour of the place as the reward at the Hano Hotel, but they weren't sure where Lillie had gotten off to. Sun and Moon were busy discussing how both their Rockruff had evolved to different forms. Moon's looked like Olivia's, but Sun's looked more like a normal wolf, was brown, grey and white, and had spikes on it. Later, they had visited every floor except the conservation floor, where Lusamine was waiting for them. They talked to Lusamine, and her assistant Wicke, and she offered to bring them to Ula'Ula island. However, they all were shocked when an Ultra Wormhole appeared right in front of them. And from it, emerged a jellyfish like Pokemon, moving with the grace of a little girl.
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    Shiny Blue Gardevoir
    Oooh enter Nihilego! This is starting to get interesting
    Dec 30, 2016