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The Fallen: Part 1 - Escaping into the depths

by GreninjaTrainer013

GreninjaTrainer013 My new UT Written Work series! Attempting to kill themselves, Chara falls down a hole on the top of Mt. Ebott... Only to end up in a world nobody could ever think of before.
Chara walked up the mountain, their footsteps echoing throughout their mind. They didn’t want to be found. They didn’t want to be seen.

They just wanted to dissappear. That’s all they wanted. For years, they’ve had to survive an abusive mom, bullies at school, and so much worse. They wanted everything to end. Their life was about to end in the best way possible - Corpse not being found. Nobody would know they’d head to Mt. Ebott.

They’d only heard stories about the mountain. Legends say that there was an ancient war between humans and monsters, but recently it’s only been used as things to scare people. People said that if you went there, monsters would eat you up, and drink your blood for tea. That’d be much better than anything Chara had experienced here.

They walked and walked. Walking up the mountain was no easy task, as it was an incredibly big mountain. There were lots of stone steps too, so that helped a little. Eventually, they reached the cave. The entrance was filled with vines and stone pillars, so Chara had to head past those.

The cave was.. Big. A large hole was on the top of the mountain, shining light into the big hole that was in the middle of the cave. So… This was the hole. They’d prepared for this moment. They’d finally be able to free themselves of this hellhole called ‘Earth’.

They took a deep breath, before looking at their surroundings. Chara had to admit - The cave looked old, but extremely beautiful. They walked around a bit more… But they almost had a heart attack when a vine underneath their foot made them trip.

Chara wanted to scream. They really did want to. But their mouth was shut. The fall was long.. And rather anticlimactic after a while. But then… They fell down hard on the grass. They were covered in blood and they were injured. Chara simply didn’t even make the effort to get back up again. Had they… truly survived? But why?

The fall SHOULD’VE killed them. Did they.. How did they? These questions were flowing through their mind like waves on the ocean. Chara liked the ocean, but now wasn’t time for such thoughts. They just laid there. Not wanting to get up. Hoping they’d eventually fall asleep for always and never waking up.

But their thoughts were interrupted when all of a sudden, a soft gentle voice came from somewhere else.

“It sounds like it came from over here…” The voice said. Chara shot awake, startled. Who was this? Were they a monster? Chara backed up, still sitting down on the floor. But then, they saw who it was - It was a small goat, wearing a green and yellow sweater. He seemed friendly enough-- Wait, what were they thinking? This was a MONSTER! They backed up a little more.

“Oh! You’ve fallen down, haven’t you…” The goat monster said. Chara said nothing, breathing heavily. “Are you okay?” He tilted his little head. Chara didn’t react. They said nothing. This was all too confusing for them. “Here, get up…” The goat said, holding out their hand. Reluctantly, Chara grabbed it tightly.

They stood up. They now got a close look at the monster. Were they supposed to say something? Anything? “...I’m Chara.” That was the only thing that came to their mind. They looked embarrassed. “Chara, huh? That’s a nice name.” He replied, chuckling a little nervously. Chara had never received a compliment before. They didn’t know what to say. “...Thank you…” The human replied. “My name is Asriel.” The goat monster said. He smiled.

Surprisingly, Chara nervously smiled back. “Look, we’ll get you all healed up when we find my parents, they’d love to help--” All of a sudden, Chara’s eyes widened. They finally remembered that THIS WAS A MONSTER. They released themselves from Asriel’s grasp and ran off, as they heard another monster call Asriel’s name. “ASRIEL!”

Two big goat monsters, similar to Asriel, one female and one male, wearing a purple robe and yellow armor respectively, entered the room. Chara curled up in a little ball, wanting not to be seen. “Asriel, you can not simply just walk away like that! Please tell me beforehand, please!” The female goat said strictly. “I’m sorry, mom! But I found a human! Look!” He pointed towards Chara, who was still curled up in a little ball.

They suddenly found themselves surrounded by the 3 of them. Chara looked up, their eyes still widened. “Are you alright, little one?” The big male goat monster asked them. “My name is Asgore, and this is my wife, Toriel. You have already met my son..” He explained. Chara looked at him suspiciously. He was staring at them with soft eyes.. So was Toriel… And so was… Asriel. Something felt wrong here. These… These were monsters. They should be big and scary, they should be eating them now--

Asriel suddenly threw himself into a hug with Chara. “I get it if you’re scared, but we’re not here to hurt you or anything.. We just want to help. You looked injured, that’s all.” Asriel quickly released himself from the hug, looking around nervously. Finally, Chara stood back up, holding their arm tightly. “O-Oh! You can put your arm around your shoulder if you want..” Chara did just that. And it felt nice.

It felt like.. Family.

But they didn’t know how to feel about this. They decided to ignore it and just keep walking with Asriel, Toriel and Asgore.

They seemed to like Asriel the most thus far.
  1. GreninjaTrainer013
    Jan 20, 2019
  2. Fraseandchico
    seriously, this is adorable and amazing.
    Jan 20, 2019